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Diverse pilates fitness class

One employee shares the importance of an onsite fitness center

"Fitness classes with Chelsea became something I looked forward to every week, even planning vacation days around the group fitness schedule! That was until about 2 years ago when I took a job at a different Medtronic facility. There was a small gym available on site but no instructor-led classes. I noticed a change in my behavior quite quickly. First, I did not look forward to working out on my own, so several weeks I just would not go to the gym. Second, not having the break in the day led me to be more anxious and overall, slightly depressed. I knew I would miss the fitness classes but had no idea it would impact my mental self as much as my physical. Luckily, after being away from Rice Creek for almost a year, a job opened up and I was able to return. I got back into the gym immediately and feel happier and healthier in so many ways. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have access to such wonderful classes and an amazing instructor; the classes help clear my mind, they make my heart happy and my body strong. They played a large factor in why I returned to the Rice Creek facility last year and I haven’t looked back once."

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