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Better together: Wellbeats and HealthSource Solutions


energize your workforce with Wellbeats

HealthSource Solutions partners with Wellbeats Wellness to equip employers and support employees with best-in-class wellness resources that fit their unique needs, lifestyle, and schedule. See how high-quality educational content will help your employees and their families stay active, eat healthier, and reduce stress.

everyone benefits from accessible health and wellness

HealthSource Solutions has partnered with Wellbeats to bring your employees an on-demand fitness program that they can engage with however, whenever and wherever they like! Wellbeats features goal-based challenges, fitness assessments, and 800+ classes in nearly 30+ channels. From yoga to cycle to office breaks, our videos span various lengths and difficulty levels.

Learn how Wellbeats can bring a more flexible, inclusive, and dynamic fitness experience to your employees all while giving you a more trackable, data-centric wellness option.

Wellbeats is trusted by 2.5 million employees with over 7.8 monthly average class plays per engaged member. Our comprehensive app technology delivers a fitness experience that is personalized for the user based on their interests and behaviors, ensuring long-term, measurable engagement.

  • Inspiring, high-quality content
  • No equipment opt-ins
  • 40+ authentic, relatable, diverse instructors
  • Reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality video streaming
  • Great for multiple locations and remote workers

easy to use, implement, and integrate

Efficient and easy implementation includes streamlined SSO and API integration. Wellbeats is accessible globally through iOS, Android, Windows devices, and web browsers. Wellbeats is a cost effective, scalable platform that integrates seamlessly into current wellbeing programs.

  • Easy to implement, administer and integrate
  • Knowledgeable client and technical support
  • Turnkey marketing communications
  • Robust measurement and reporting
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