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The success of HealthSource Solutions’ fitness centers is based on the quality of our staff, robust value-add offerings, flexibility to meet client needs, the individual relationships we foster, collaboration with other company initiatives, our extensive outreach beyond the fitness center, and the high-touch customer service we deliver.  HealthSource Solutions has been providing expert fitness center services to multiple Fortune 500 Companies for over 30 years.

what our clients say:

The partnership with HealthSource Solutions is like no other. They do so much for our employees as well as help with our programming.  I wouldn’t have time to do my job without them helping with so many aspects of our wellness strategy.  They step up to the plate time and time again and execute with success!  They are such a great team!"

— Lisa R., Wellness Specialist

"I am very impressed by the amount of work the instructors have put into planning class each week. It isn't simply, 'let's lead you through a class,' but really caring to make each of us better and give us an experience each week that is meaningful and impactful."

— Wellness Center Member

"I have so much respect for the staff and their spirit in keeping us healthy! I always know I have a place in the wellness center."

— Wellness Center Member

A mainstay of our Fitness Center Management philosophy is that we reach the entire employee population, not just those that use the fitness center. Outreach has a direct effect on sustainability. We build awareness and support through networking, relationship building and instilling trust with individuals, departments and the leadership. Our outreach is customized to each company’s unique culture and needs and may include:

  • Promotional Presentations
  • Wellbeing Seminars and Lunch-n-Learns
  • Special Events (5ks, Health Fairs, Farmers Markets, Shoe Fittings, Blood Pressure Checks)
  • Stretch and Activity Breaks

Our staff follow daily and monthly checklists to ensure your center is a safe and comfortable place to be active. All center operations are customizable and include the following:

  • Daily Operations, Policies, and Procedures
  • Center and Equipment Cleanliness
  • Preventive Maintenance and Repair
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reporting
  • Customer Satisfaction and Interest Surveys

HealthSource Solutions staff offer a variety of resources, programs and services to increase center utilization and support employees’ wellbeing year-round.

  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • Member Consultations, Assessments, and Personalized Exercise Plans
  •  Newsletters, Posters, Bulletin Boards, and Handouts.
  • Group Coaching and Training Programs
  • Team and Individual Challenges
  • Special Events and Activities
  • Group Exercise Classes

We know that to keep utilization high, increase membership, and provide exceptional customer service, it starts with a motivating and approachable team. HealthSource Solutions staff are expected to act with integrity, implement best practices, build meaningful relationships, collaborate to maximize opportunities, deliver exceptional service and lead with purpose and passion.

In addition, our staff meet the following requirements:

  • 4-year degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or a related field
  • Qualified group exercise instructor
  • Certified in CPR and AED
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A 25-year client shares how our Onsite Fitness Center Management has made an impact on employee wellbeing before, during, and after a pandemic.

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Single Company

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Your employees will feel valued and supported in their health goals.


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Imagine your onsite fitness center transforming the tenant experience!

Onsite Fitness Center Management

our solutions for your single company

Offering a space for employees to engage in physical activity is a wonderful benefit, but if you build it, will they come? We believe the core essence of an onsite fitness center is driven by the quality of the staff. We know that to keep utilization high, increase membership, and provide exceptional customer service, it starts with a motivating and approachable team. Our fitness center staff are knowledgeable, approachable, and exceptional leaders. Your employees will feel valued and supported in their health goals.

HealthSource Solutions’ Fitness and Wellbeing Specialists will ensure your center is alive with activity and serves as a valuable hub for company-wide health improvement initiatives. Our innovative programs and classes allow us to build strong relationships with your employees and foster their commitment to healthy living.

A fitness center isn’t just a place to work’s a place to work toward better health.  Our all-inclusive pricing means we do not pass along any hidden costs to you or your employees.

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Onsite Fitness Center Management

our solutions for multi-tenant sites

We understand that as a property manager, your spaces need to stand out from the crowd. Having amenities that existing tenants value and also attract new clients is crucial. Today, businesses understand that providing workspaces employees want to come to, leads to happier, higher-performing employees, increased retention and an overall healthier company culture. What if you could provide that, and MORE, at your property?

Introducing HealthSource Solutions Fitness Center Management service. Your one-stop-shop to add wellness to your workspace. We make it simple! Everything is included. We handle hiring and training, daily operations, member recruitment, fitness assessments and orientations, group fitness classes, wellbeing programs, and special events.

Imagine your onsite fitness center transforming the tenant experience! Our approachable and motivating staff make sure members feel welcome and have the support they need to reach their goals. In addition, our Fitness Center Managementservice reaches beyond the fitness center walls. Through outreach, resources, and communications, we keep your fitness center alive and visible. Our goal is to build relationships and motivate people to use the space and stay healthy, providing value to your tenants.

Adding a core amenity and making your property stand out from the crowd starts with a conversation. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Let’s chat!

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Fitness Center Consulting and Design

need help preparing for your new onsite fitness center?

From start to finish, HealthSource Solutions will guide you through designing and managing your fitness center. Our consultants collaborate with your architects, equipment vendors and facility management to create a functional design for your center.

Group fitness studio

our consulting and design services include:

Design & Planning

  • Fitness center layout
  • Electrical layout
  • Locker room set-up and amenities
  • Group fitness studio (size, flooring, mirrors, AV)
  • Storage space (layout and size)
  • Ventilation, lighting and flooring options
  • Multipurpose rooms (massage, fitness testing, office space)


  • Equipment layout — cardio, strength and group fitness equipment
  • Obtain quotes and provide recommendations
  • Identify audiovisual needs


  • Establish membership process and procedures (application, medical release, informed consent, payment)
  • Create a safety and security plan
  • Establish service contracts (equipment, towels, water)
  • Prepare membership recruitment plan
  • Establish tracking and reporting templates and processes
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