Join the HealthSource Solutions Team!

Our Staff Qualities

  • Passionate about health and wellness
  • Approachable and easy to engage with
  • Values high integrity and collaboration
  • Strives to provide excellent service
  • Embraces the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect
  • Leads with goodness and gratitude

Our Benefits

  • Offer competitive wages and benefits
  • Support staff development and growth
  • Thrive on team collaboration and connection
  • Foster a culture that celebrates success and grows from mistakes
  • Appreciate staff and recognize growth is a direct reflection of their work

We Walk the Walk

We Enrich Employee Wellbeing for our clients AND our staff. We strive to provide a working environment that encourages you to promote your own personal wellbeing.

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FREE Gratitude Board Program!

Our Gratitude Board Program Includes:
  • Implementation instructions
  • Promotional flyer and email script
  • Sample instructions to post at the gratitude board
  • Additional ideas for sharing boards beyond gratitude