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The HealthSource Solutions Internship Program

The goal of our internship program is for students to gain experience in design, implementation, and evaluation of worksite health promotion and corporate fitness programming.  Our interns are treated as part of the team and are expected to be engaged and contribute like any other staff. 
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HealthSource Solutions has a variety of internship experiences available. During an initial phone screening, an internship coordinator will share details about each and help align you with the experience that suits your background or future career aspirations.

Internship Requirements:  

  • 200-hour minimum commitment  
  • work regular, full-time hours during the internship  
  • registered juniors or seniors in college preferred
  • interns must be earning credit for successful completion of the program 
  • must comply with the worksite’s safety requirements

HealthSource Solutions does not offer financial support for internships. 

Application Process

Individuals interested in an internship position should complete the online internship application and include a cover letter and resume.  

Positions Available

Corporate Fitness Center and Health Promotion


Experiences Include:  

  • observe and participate in exercise consultations, teaching classes, facility upkeep, membership recruitment, and exercise programming 
  • coordinate health education seminars, classes, and special activities  
  • contribute to monthly newsletters 
  • assist with the design and implementation of incentive campaigns 
  • develop promotional materials, bulletin boards 

Ideal Candidates:  

  • have experience in fitness testing and exercise programming 
  • have strong computer skills 
  • are highly motivated and self-starters 
  • are willing to learn and teach group fitness
Worksite Health Promotion


Experiences Include:  

  • observe and participate in client consultations, program development, and evaluation 
  • staff events such as health fairs and screenings 
  • attend wellness committee, staff, and sales meetings  
  • assist in designing programs and supportive materials 
  • research information, write content, and engage in the product development 

Ideal Candidates:  

  • have strong organizational and computer skills 
  • are able to work independently with minimal supervision  
  • are highly motivated and creative 
  • are self-starters 

Application Deadlines


Fall internship (Sept-Dec)  


Winter internship (Jan-April)  


Summer internship (June-Aug) 

For more information, email us at  or call us at 763-287-0740.

Katherine R.


"Interning with HealthSource Solutions was invaluable in preparing me for a career in worksite wellness. Employees went out of their way to tailor my experience to my personal career goals and interests. I never imagined I would find a company that would allow me to be so involved during my internship!"

Jacqueline B.


"My HealthSource Solutions internship was structured around what I needed to learn about the health promotion field. I was able to build my own internship experience with the help of my supervisor."

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