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why wellness program management?

In today’s world, you need your employees to thrive. Healthy employees make for a healthy company. And a healthy workplace environment with flourishing employees allows your retention and recruitment to skyrocket. Not to mention the productivity and efficiency of happy workers! Not having a successful wellness program puts you behind the times. But how do you find the time and infrastructure to make that happen?  With Wellness Program Management we partner with you to develop a well-planned, highly executable wellness program. We bring focus and sustainability, consistent results, and an impactful wellness culture that will boost your employees to more productivity than ever before!

wellness program management options

We offer three different ways to increase your impact, simplify your responsibilities, and create a holistic culture of wellness within your organization.

Option 1


A turnkey solution for those seeking direction, resources, and focus to quickly build an impactful plan.

When you need...

When you need…

  • Expert guidance to create a plan to guide your wellness initiatives.

  • An affordable way to add wellness to your culture, that is seamless and easy to implement.

  • An accountability partner to help keep your program on track and moving forward.

Designed for companies needing a plan, annual calendar, ongoing guidance, and monthly wellness resources.

Option 2


A customizable solution for companies who want efficiency and hands-on support in developing, implementing, and measuring program impact.

When you need...

When you need…

  • An experienced wellness professional to spearhead your wellness strategy, develop goals and objectives, and evaluate PSE gaps (policy/systems/environment)

  • Hands-on support to take on the workload, share best practices, and drive measurable objectives and key results.

  • A comprehensive approach to address the unique needs of your populations and embed wellness into the culture of your organization.

  • A best practice program to support employee recruitment, retention and engagement.

Designed to support companies in developing an award-winning program that is multi-dimensional and drives wellness as an organizational value.

Option 3


An onsite Wellness Program Manager will jumpstart your wellness initiatives and weave them throughout your organization. This is the quickest way to make meaningful change.

When you need...

When you need…

  • A dedicated, experienced wellness professional to manage the wellness program, facilitate initiatives, and be an extension of your team (Safety/HR/Benefits/Facilities)

  • A navigator, relationship builder, and collaborator who reflects your culture, accelerates engagement, and inspires interdepartmental connection

  • Day-to-day guidance to manage all aspects of your wellness program and demonstrate tangible outcomes

  • To reach a dispersed workforce, who may lack access to technology or struggle with literacy

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be well at work

why ONSITE Wellness Program Management?

A full-time Onsite Wellness Program Manager from HealthSource Solutions provides the talent, expertise, and hands-on resources you need to elevate your program and make a measurable impact.

A thriving employee wellness program takes consistent effort. Too often, however, competing priorities and lack of internal resources relegate these important initiatives to the back burner.

Without a dedicated, skilled resource to guide your strategy, connect with stakeholders and coordinate day-to-day activities, even the most well-intentioned programs can stall.

Common issues include:
• 'Flavor of the month' activities without meaningful focus and content.
• Over-reliance on the wellness portal to meet employee needs.
• Lack of momentum and longevity to build trust and generate results.

Are you ready for...

A people-centric program that reflects your culture and inspires greater engagement?

A customizable approach that fits your demographics and achieves your wellness goals?

A dedicated, experienced resource who spearheads wellness strategy, coordinates activities and supports your team?

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...our greatest accomplishment is our employee engagement.

— Amy P., MAC

how an Onsite Wellness Program Manager adds value

Your Onsite Wellness Program Manager acts as the hub of your worksite wellness program. They’re a navigator, relationship builder, and collaborator. They lead wellness strategy and drive engagement through day-to-day events and activities.

key responsibilities

your Onsite Wellness Program Manager will…

Identify issues and find solutions

Your Onsite Wellness Program Manager taps into concerns and opportunities across your workforce. They ensure programs meet the specific needs of your demographics.

Lead events and initiatives

Working with an Onsite Wellness Program Manager ensures you have hands-on support to envision, implement, and measure the impact of all your wellness activities—including managing your portal and leading cross-functional wellness committees. The HR team stays focused on their core responsibilities while maintaining wellness as a top priority.

Drive engagement through personal support

When employees have questions or need one-on-one attention, your Onsite Wellness Program Manager offers empathy, understanding, and connections to resources.

Foster interdepartmental communication

A true culture of wellness spans your entire organization. Your Onsite Wellness Program Manager will engage key departments and external providers, from safety and risk management to EAP and medical benefits. Working together, you can maximize engagement and create a single voice of wellness across your company.

Meet ever-changing wellness needs

With a dedicated Onsite Wellness Program Manager, you maintain a consistent program that aligns with your annual plan and enjoy the flexibility to pivot in real-time to address emerging issues or site-by-site concerns.

Accelerate engagement, impact, and results

Your investment in an Onsite Wellness Program Manager quickly translates to tangible outcomes. Within just a few months, you’ll build momentum and measure positive progress toward your company’s wellness goals.

Proven Results!

Our case studies show how our clients have made wellness a part of their business. Let's make wellness work for you!

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