Why Wellness Program Management?

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Wellness Program Management


Struggling with next steps for your wellness program?

We’ll design a custom plan and help you execute it!


Does lack of time impact the effectiveness of your program?

Our hands-on support, tools and resources will expedite your efficiency!


Do you have metrics and reporting to highlight program accomplishments?

We’ll help you establish, track, and report on Key Performance Indicators.


Why Wellness Program Management?

In today’s world, you need your employees to thrive. Healthy employees make for a healthy company. And a healthy workplace environment with flourishing employees allows your retention and recruitment to skyrocket. Not to mention the productivity and efficiency of happy workers! Not having a successful wellness program puts you behind the times. But how do you find the time and infrastructure to make that happen? 

Our Wellness Program Management takes a holistic approach to health in the workplace. We look at five areas of wellbeing: Career, Mental, Social, Financial, and Physical, to formulate a unique, completely customizable wellness program tailored for your company’s needs.

Our Wellness Program Managers partner with you to develop a well-planned, highly executable wellness program. Utilizing our Worksite Wellbeing Model, we bring focus and sustainability, consistent results, and an impactful wellness culture that will boost your employees to more productivity than ever before.

Our Wellness Program Management Solutions can take your company to the next level, both on the front end of your employees health, and the back-end of results. Take the steps today to ensure your company’s wellbeing tomorrow.

Explore Our Wellness Program Management Solutions

We help you choose the solution that best supports your company’s health management goals

Designed for companies needing a plan, focus and guidance.

  • Develop an annual calendar with goals
  • Schedule monthly check-ins and provide guidance
  • Send monthly educational materials
  • Consult on wellness initiatives
  • Provide quarterly and year-end reporting
  • Provide and support two behavior change programs per year

Designed for companies who want support developing and implementing their program.

  • Develop and execute an annual plan and calendar
  • Keep accountable to annual goals and key performance indicators
  • Develop wellness committee and champion network
  • Lead/attend monthly Wellness Committee meetings
  • Develop and manage a communication plan
  • Provide awareness and educational resources
  • Provide ongoing program support
  • Consult on policy and environment
  • Provide quarterly and year-end reporting
  • Develop communication strategy to maximize resources (health plan, EAP, broker, etc.)
  • Coordinate up to three behavior change programs per year

Designed for companies that are multidimensional and want to take their program to the next level.

Includes all services listed in SOLUTION 2, PLUS:

  • Consult on and design policy driven changes
  • Provide oversight/tracking for individual or site driven wellness requirements
  • Guide and support environmental and cultural initiatives
  • Coordinate health related events (health fairs, seminars, demonstrations)
  • Create custom communication materials through-out the year
  • Work with insurance broker and health plan to maximize resource offerings
  • Accountability to stay on track and get things done
  • Focus on accomplishing goals and presenting to leadership
  • CEO to CEO meeting to help drive understanding and leadership engagement


"Just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the work Annie is doing with Constellation. She presented at a year to date meeting I attended yesterday. She did a great job of listening to the client, bringing in new ideas and orchestrating the meeting. I was impressed. Many kudos to her — a true asset to HealthSource Solutions."

— Beth S., Broker

"The HSS team comes to the table with ideas and 'puts an agenda to our confusion' in terms of knowing where to start and how to keep the program moving."

- Wellness Program Management Client

Why Onsite Wellness Program Management?

Our Onsite Wellness Program Managers are integral in developing and maintaining a strong infrastructure, fostering collaboration and integration, and providing employees a resource that is approachable, trusting, and easy to work with.

Our Onsite Wellness Program Managers work to gain an understanding of your culture and employees, so we can support you on the most effective tools and resources to meet your corporate and wellness goals.

Having an onsite staff from HealthSource Solutions brings the entire depth and breadth of our team to you. Our staff stays connected, supported, and educated. All our staff have access to the resources, knowledge, programs, and specialty disciplines that we offer. 




...our greatest accomplishment is our employee engagement.

- Amy P., MAC

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Our Goal

To support the dynamics of your culture and reach the individual needs of your employees.

Your Onsite Wellness Program Manager will:

  • Guide a Wellness Committee
  • Develop and Execute a Communication Plan
  • Maximize Current Resources
  • Collaborate with Risk Management and Safety
  • Develop a Culture of Health
  • Support ongoing programming
  • Execute evaluation and data collection
  • Integrate Health Coaching (optional)
  • Support Fitness Room (if applicable)
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How an onsite Wellness Program Manager can make a big impact!

Proven Results!

Explore our case studies and see how our clients have made wellness a part of their business. Let's make wellness work for you!

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