Onsite Wellness Program Management

Our staff work to gain an understanding of your culture and employees, so we can support you on the most effective tools and resources to meet your corporate and wellness goals. Our Onsite Wellness Program Managers are integral in developing and maintaining a strong infrastructure, fostering collaboration and integration, and providing employees a resource that is approachable, trusting and easy to work with. Having an onsite staff from HealthSource Solutions brings the entire depth and breadth of our team to you. Our staff stays connected, supported and educated. All our staff have access to the resources, knowledge, programs and specialty disciplines that we offer. (See our Products and Programs Catalog)

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Your Onsite Wellness Program Manager will:

  • Lead strategic planning and program design
  • Develop annual communication plan
  • Develop annual calendar and facilitate its execution
  • Consult on policy
  • Support implementation of environmental initiatives
  • Lead the Wellness committee and oversee site champions

Build trusting relationships with your employees

  • Integration of health plan resources
  • Facilitate data collection, evaluation and reporting
  • Provide year-end dashboard
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Not ready for onsite staff?

Need support for your wellness program, but not ready for an onsite staff? Check out our 4-, 8-, and 16-hour options here:

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How an onsite Wellness Program Manager can make a big impact!