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HealthSource Solutions has been providing worksite wellbeing and fitness center services since 1979. We have solutions to enrich your employee wellbeing. Find solutions that are right for YOU!

Employee Wellness

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HealthSource Solutions customizes your wellness portal to create the best employee experience!


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HealthSource Solutions helps you choose the best solution to support your company’s health management goals.


Wellness Program

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HealthSource Solutions' goal is to make your onsite screening efficient, personable and education oriented.


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HealthSource Solutions will coordinate all the details and make your flu shot clinic efficient and easy!

Flu Shot

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Video: Onsite Fitness Center Management

By HealthSource Solutions | June 30, 2022

A 25-year client shares how our Onsite Fitness Center Management has made an impact on employee wellbeing.



By HealthSource Solutions | May 2, 2022

Often, when mental health is referenced, it aligns with a clinical diagnosis or treatment. Whereas the reference of mental wellbeing encompasses all elements of prevention, intervention, and support. Mental health impacts 20-30% of the workforce, and mental wellbeing impacts 100% of the workforce. Both are important!


Webinar (20min): An Introduction to Our Mental Wellbeing Strategy

By HealthSource Solutions | April 27, 2022

HealthSource Solutions has developed a multi-phased strategy to help your organization build a culture that enables employees to feel safe, valued, and supported. It goes beyond just offering tools and resources, and addresses mental wellbeing from an organizational perspective which encompasses individual elements, company influencers, and community factors.


The Employer’s Role in Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

By HealthSource Solutions | April 26, 2022

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults experience a mental illness each year, yet only 45% of them are receiving treatment. Untreated mental health conditions can have a real impact on business. According to the American Heart Association, untreated depression costs $9,450 per employee per year in lost productivity and absenteeism, and mental illness is the number one cause of worker disability in the U.S. So what’s in the way?


FREE Resiliency Breaks Toolkit

By HealthSource Solutions | April 13, 2022

Resiliency breaks in the workplace are a no-cost initiative to contribute to positive employee morale and emotional wellbeing. Practicing different resiliency techniques on a regular basis is a healthy coping mechanism that can reduce the negative effects of anxiety and stress. Offering a regular time for employees to practice together can help build this habit of self-care. This kit will guide coordinators through implementation considerations and communication.

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from our clients

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HealthSource Solutions is a true partner. They provide top quality wellbeing staff who are passionate about connecting with employees as well as providing programs and resources that reach all employees.

— Gen, Medtronic

onsite fitness staffing

We’ve partnered with HealthSource Solutions for over 15 years and I can’t envision us with any other company. They are all great people with our best interest in mind and together we breed success!

— Lisa, Cargill

onsite fitness staffing

The effects on lowering our healthcare costs have been strong. The mindful, perceptive and diligent guidance from their onsite staff, along with helpful planning, motivating classes and informative literature was just what our company needed for proper wellness.

— Jay K., USDP

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HealthSource Solutions' staff are engaged with us in finding program solutions that fit our organization. They offer creative ideas that work with our culture.

— Nancy H.
HR Generalist

enrich employee wellbeing

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HealthSource Solutions is an employee wellness company that provides programs and services to enrich employee wellbeing. We offer many solutions to enhance or support your wellness program. Contact us for a no obligation quote.