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HealthSource Solutions has been providing worksite wellbeing and fitness center services since 1979. We have solutions to enrich your employee wellbeing. Find solutions that are right for YOU!

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Recipe: Fish Tacos

By HealthSource Solutions | March 2, 2021

“This Fish Tacos recipe bridges the gaps between recreating fresh pico and guac I had in Cozumel, the first fish tacos I ever had in Cancun, and the crema from my favorite taco place, Rusty Taco. Other than the flavors, what I enjoy most about this recipe is the fresh vegetable ingredients and the simplicity of using premade tortilla-crusted fish.” – Kyle R.


5 Ways Deluxe Enhanced Their Wellness Offerings in 2020

By HealthSource Solutions | February 23, 2021

In 2020 we all had to pivot. We adapted to what was needed in our community and workplace. The Deluxe Wellbeing vision is “Supporting people so Deluxe thrives.” By having a framework in place for this strategy Deluxe was better able to adapt to the COVID crisis and support the needs of their employees to keep their organization thriving. Learn how they enhanced their wellness program with VTO time, Meeting-free Fridays, Virtual Fitness, Philanthropy Cloud, and Childcare Support.


Helping Companies Find Their ‘How’

By HealthSource Solutions | February 11, 2021

The mantra, now-more-than-ever is a saying that couldn’t be more applicable than for corporate wellness. How are companies supporting employees to ensure their health and wellbeing is top of mind?


What Is Your Why?

By HealthSource Solutions | February 11, 2021

HealthSource Solutions  |  Blog Everyone has a reason to live a healthier, longer life. What’s yours? Jill’s Why My dad passed away five years ago at the young age of 67 due to congestive heart Read more…


Channel the Ox: Impacting Mental Wellbeing in 2021

By HealthSource Solutions | February 10, 2021

On February 12, 2021, the Chinese Lunar New Year will welcome the Year of the Ox. Traditionally, the ox is a symbol of strength, determination, and diligence — all of which are characteristics that we will have to muster in 2021! As this pandemic dance persists, our resilience is going to continue to be challenged.


January Pep Talk! 3 Things to Boost Your Mood & Energy

By HealthSource Solutions | January 28, 2021

Boost your mood and energy this winter with these 3 things!


Beehives, Trust, and Wellbeing

By HealthSource Solutions | January 21, 2021

In her November 16th blog, What Bees Teach Us About Trust, Mari Ryan discusses how high-trust work cultures not only result in superior business performance but also enrich employee wellbeing. Ryan writes “without trust, organizations are dysfunctional, unproductive and most likely, not very good places to work.”


How Bachman’s Enriched Employee Wellbeing During the Holidays

By HealthSource Solutions | January 5, 2021

December is one of the busiest months for employees at Bachman’s. The wellness committee was looking for a simple program that could help boost employee morale as they worked through the holiday season. They chose the Day Maker Challenge


Midwest Health Promotion Conference

By HealthSource Solutions | December 31, 2020

The annual Midwest Health Promotion Conference invites professionals, students and volunteers responsible for employee health to network, share ideas and discover solutions to today’s challenges.


2020 Year in Review

By HealthSource Solutions | December 17, 2020

HealthSource Solutions  |  Blog Our 2020 Year in Review Our video review of 2020. Like other companies, we learned how we learned to pivot in a pandemic. Our focus became making connections while promoting wellbeing. Read more…


5 Reasons We Recommend Biometric Screening in 2021

By HealthSource Solutions | December 17, 2020

HealthSource Solutions  |  Blog 5 Reasons We Recommend Biometric Screening in 2021 In 2020, our screening services team made the necessary changes to continue to offer onsite screenings in a safe yet productive way. We Read more…


Scrapbook: Holiday Spirit Days

By HealthSource Solutions | December 17, 2020

We are continuing our annual holiday spirit days virtually this year. Check back daily to see our pictures!

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HealthSource Solutions offers onsite temperature and symptom screening for all employees and visitors

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covid-19 resources

Free Resources as You Shelter at Home

We know it's a challenge to work from home AND take care of your family during this time. HealthSource Solutions is providing these resources to keep your wellbeing a priority.

Family Activity Bingo
Family Game Time
HealthSource Solutions  |  resources Keep Your Family Active…with BINGO! Download and print your free BINGO cards. Complete a BINGO using a dauber, crayon or marker – it can be straight across, up and down or Read more…
14 Days of Happiness: Free Program
Activities that bring us joy, satisfaction, and laughter contribute to our happiness by counteracting stress and cultivating positive emotions. Over the next 14 days, you will explore a variety of activities to boost your happiness!
Healthy Workstation Ergonomics
work station ergonomics
Whether you are working at the office or at home, workstation ergonomics are important. If you are slouching, leaning to one side, looking down or crossing your legs, take steps to adjust your body and environment to return to correct posture. Learn more here:
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HealthSource Solutions customizes your wellness portal to create the best employee experience!


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HealthSource Solutions helps you choose the best solution to support your company’s health management goals.


Wellness Program

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HealthSource Solutions' goal is to make your onsite screening efficient, personable and education oriented.


Nurse gives flu vaccine to senior adult patient at pharmacy.

HealthSource Solutions will coordinate all the details and make your flu shot clinic efficient and easy!

Flu Shot

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from our clients

Partners in Wellbeing

We have solutions for companies large or small. See what we can do for YOU!
onsite fitness staffing

HealthSource Solutions is a true partner. They provide top quality wellbeing staff who are passionate about connecting with employees as well as providing programs and resources that reach all employees.

  • Gen, Medtronic
onsite fitness staffing

We’ve partnered with HealthSource Solutions for 15 years and I can’t envision us with any other company. They are all great people with our best interest in mind and together we breed success!

  • Lisa, Cargill
onsite fitness staffing

Through HealthSource Solutions' consultation services and onsite assistance, we saw a turnaround of the health-focus culture of our organization. The effects on lowering our healthcare costs have been strong. The mindful, perceptive and diligent guidance from their onsite staff, along with helpful planning, motivating classes and informative literature was just what our company needed for proper wellness.

  • Jay K., USDP
wellness program Management & Wellness Portal

HealthSource Solutions' staff are engaged with us in finding programming solutions that fit our organization. They offer creative ideas that work with our culture.

  • Nancy H., HR Generalist
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Enrich Employee Wellbeing

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HealthSource Solutions is an employee wellness company that provides programs and services to enrich employee wellbeing. We offer many solutions to enhance or support your wellness program.

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