HealthSource Solutions Celebrates Mosaic’s Achievement of Gold Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health

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PRESS RELEASE | Minneapolis, MN, July 9, 2024 |


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Creating a workplace that supports mental health and provides positive employee experiences is not just good business, it also allows the people who power your business to feel fulfilled and happier!

HealthSource Solutions is excited to congratulate one of our clients on a HUGE success. Mosaic has earned the Gold Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health. Over the years, Mosaic has prioritized its mental health programs and encouraged positive changes within its workplace. Receiving this award from Mental Health America reinforces that employees’ psychological wellness directly impacts safety and wellbeing, job satisfaction, and the overall workplace environment.

Third-party recognition, such as the award from Mental Health America, holds significant value. It is an external validation of a company’s commitment to a thriving culture and their employees’ mental health. When organizations like Mental Health America acknowledge a company’s efforts, it reinforces the credibility and authenticity of the company’s initiatives. This recognition assures employees, clients, and stakeholders that the company’s programs are effective and meet high standards.

“Watching clients prioritize their employees’ mental health and wellbeing as part of their corporate values and culture is both gratifying and encouraging,” says Mary Kruse, CEO and owner of HealthSource Solutions. “We’re thrilled to see our client Mosaic recognized for the hard work they’ve put into supporting their employees.”

HealthSource Solutions is inspired to see the number of award applicants grow each year. As we consult with clients, we encourage them to apply for at least one yearly award. Beyond the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health, other national organizations that honor workplace wellness strategies are the American Heart Association, WELCOA, HERO, and C. Everett Koop National Health Awards. These awards focus on employee health and wellbeing and have unique guidelines and areas of focus. They guide employers in best practices around strategy and goals, organizational policies, systematic initiatives, department collaboration, program infrastructure, leadership engagement, communication, and environmental changes. All aim to create a people-centric culture.

Congratulations, Mosaic, on making mental health a priority! Your commitment to continual improvement benefits employees and contributes to the organization’s overall success and sustainability.

About Mental Health America

Founded in 1909, Mental Health America is the nation’s leading nonprofit that promotes mental health, well-being, and condition prevention. For over 115 years, their work has been informed, designed, and led by the lived experience of those most affected.

The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health national certification program recognizes employers committed to creating mentally healthy workplaces. Led by Mental Health America's rich history in research and advocacy, the Bell Seal’s holistic evaluation of employer practices considers the entire employee experience.

About Mosaic

The Mosaic Company is the world’s leading integrated producer of concentrated phosphate and potash — two of agriculture’s three most important nutrients. From their mines to their plants and offices, they are dedicated to being a great workplace, responsible corporate citizen, committed environmental steward, and respected community partner.

About HealthSource Solutions

HealthSource Solutions is dedicated to building a culture that helps everyone thrive in and out of the workplace and within our communities. We are an employee health and wellness company that provides comprehensive worksite health programs and services designed to engage the entire employee population, including the most difficult-to-reach employees. We offer customized solutions that leverage our wellness portal, wellness program management, onsite and remote staffing, and existing assets within our clients' organizations. We are on a mission to bring wellness to employees often left behind.