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Build a culture of wellness across your hard-to-reach workforce

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Working in construction brings unique challenges, especially when it comes to reaching a workforce that is difficult to engage. Working together, we help construction companies across the country maximize employee engagement and generate measurable results. Construction workers, today, are struggling with health issues, poor health management, and chronic muscle/joint pain. Add the challenges of hard, physical work often in difficult environments and these workers get left behind. Time and access is a scarce resource for this population. Bringing wellness programs directly to these workers is critical in maintaining a consistent, healthy workforce.

We offer onsite wellness programming for construction groups of all sizes, from Onsite Wellness Program Managers who lead all wellness activities at your location to Wellness Portal Management — and everything in between.

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Did You Know?

Construction workers experience far greater health risks compared to the general population.
On-the-job injuries 70% higher
Suicide rates 4 times greater

Connecting Employees to Valuable Resources

At HealthSource Solutions, we recognize the challenges faced by workers in the construction industry where getting the help they need can be confusing and difficult. Ensuring employee wellness is within reach for all workers has become part of our mission. We strive to bring connection and care into the field so employees have real time access. This may range from physical and mental wellness to community connections or financial guidance.

Having a Wellness Program Manager onsite who is instrumental in connecting with employees, building community relationships, and partnering with safety dramatically improves engagement, participation and positive outcomes for these valuable workers.

overcoming the challenges bringing wellness to construction workers, together:

  • Helping construction workers in demanding physical jobs and high-stress environments to focus on preventive care and mental health.
  • Building programs that integrate into the workers day.
  • Engaging decentralized employees who may lack access to computers or struggle with literacy.
  • Integrating wellness with safety, risk management, and other key initiatives for a total approach to employee wellbeing.
      • Keeping MOD rates low to give your organization a competitive advantage.
      • Demonstrating tangible outcomes in employee wellness to meet contract provisions and become an employer of choice.
      • Safety is a top priority — and it takes a high-touch program to create a true culture of wellness that lets your employees know how much they are valued.

      Build a culture of wellness across
      your hard-to-reach workforce

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