Wellness Solutions for Government Organizations

We guide, build, and drive!

We know that local government runs differently than corporate America. Our Wellness Program Managers are focused on providing stability, consistency, and results for your highly varied workforce.

Flexible & Efficient

We are flexible and able to adjust to your different audiences, multiple locations, and hybrid or remote workers. Our team provides structure and guidance to take the workload off you. As community servants we know the importance of effectively leveraging your existing wellbeing tools and resources, to help you gain the most value from your investments.

Inclusive & Personable

Our wellness programming integrates into your entire workforce, ensuring open communication, personal accountability, and trust. Our Wellness approach addresses the full spectrum of employees from onsite, to field service, to remote workers.

We Are A Sourcewell Awarded Vendor!

HealthSource Solutions has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract by Sourcewell, allowing Sourcewell members to buy from an established contract without going through a separate bid process.

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Sourcewell Better Health Collective

The Sourcewell Better Health Collective provides stable group health insurance and wellness solutions to public agencies located in Minnesota.

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Our Solutions


Our Wellness Program Management Solutions provide depth and focus to your Wellness Program.

Wellness Program Management
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We coordinate all the details to make your onsite flu shot clinic efficient and easy.

Biometric Screening
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From set-up, to communications, to monthly challenges, to reporting — we really do it all!

Wellness Portal

 A cost-effective approach to build, or enhance, your wellness program.

Wellness Cooperative Solution
Fitness Professional

Our staff provide employees a resource that is approachable, trusting and easy to work with.

Onsite Wellness and Fitness Staffing
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We understand each organization is at a different place with mental health and wellbeing, so we help you identify the gaps, prioritize your initiatives, and then build a plan to achieve them.

Mental Wellbeing Strategy

Get Started with Sourcewell

We help Sourcewell members simplify the procurement process.

If you’re already a member of Sourcewell, contact HealthSource Solutions to discuss how you can leverage Sourcewell to satisfy the bid process for employee health and wellness solutions.

Wellness Engagement Program
Maturity Date: 07/08/2026
Visit our Sourcewell Page

Use Sourcewell to help simplify your bidding process for population health and related services, including employee health, wellbeing, and employee engagement solutions. As a Sourcewell member, you can take advantage of HealthSource Solutions for employee health and wellness solutions to satisfy your Government, Education, or Non-Profit RFP and bidding requirements, at no cost to you.

You can learn how to become a Sourcewell member by visiting https://www.sourcewell-mn.gov/register

You can also learn about the benefits of Cooperative Purchasing by visiting https://www.sourcewell-mn.gov/cooperative-purchasing/how-it-works

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