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The public sector includes some of the most diverse work environments in the community with roles ranging from office dwellers, to field maintenance workers, to fire and police. With such varied occupations and dispersed locations, it makes it challenging to craft wellness programs that fit the entire workforce. Traditionally, public sector workers have a longer tenure thus are often older and can present growing health concerns and persistent habits and behaviors. Engaging such a large, diverse, and often decentralized workforce  presents challenges to organizations and to an HR team who are often already overburdened.

Reaching all employees, in an equitable manner that meets their needs and accommodates their schedule, is critical in building a successful public sector wellness program. We at HealthSource Solutions embrace these unique challenges and will develop a strategy and wellness program to not just meet the needs of public employees, but we will help you deliver it as well!

We know for a wellness program to thrive it needs to be ingrained within the organizational culture and viewed as an organizational value.  To achieve this, it takes leadership commitment and strong program infrastructure that is supported by customized, invigorating programming which reach multiple locations, a varied demographic, and organizational subcultures.

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Did You Know?

Among the U.S. workforce, 87% of employees have access to mental and emotional wellbeing offerings, while only 23% of employees use them.

Connecting public employees to valuable resources

At HealthSource Solutions, we recognize the challenges public workers face in getting the help they need when their time is already limited and their ability to access services may be inconsistent. Ensuring employee wellness is within reach for the entire population has become part of our mission. We strive to bring connections and care to public workers in a way that reduces friction and makes it easy to participate, regardless of their role or circumstance. Our solutions may range from physical and mental wellness, to community connections, or financial guidance.

We provide either behind the scenes support or place a Wellness Program Manager onsite.  We know its instrumental to connect with workers, build community relationships, and partner with leadership to improve engagement, participation, and positive outcomes for those who help build our communities.

overcoming the challenges of bringing wellness to public workers, together:

  • Helping public workers reduce stress, address mental wellbeing, and seek preventive care and mental health.
  • Building programs that integrate into the worker’s day and schedule.
  • Engaging with the entire population from leadership to field employees.
  • Integrating wellness into community and recognition programs to form a total approach to employee wellbeing.
  • Demonstrating tangible outcomes in employee wellness to meet contract provisions and become an employer of choice.
  • DEI is a top priority — and it takes a high-touch program to create a culture of wellness that meets the needs in an equitable, meaningful way for the entire population.

Build a culture of wellness across your entire workforce

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The Sourcewell Better Health Collective provides stable group health insurance and wellness solutions to public agencies located in Minnesota.

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