2022 Midwest Health Promotion Conference

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10 | 12 | 22

2021 Midwest Health Promotion Conference


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  • Keynote Julie Gilbert

    Organizational Culture in a Hybrid World 

    Julie Gilbert, CPA
    Senior Advisor Digital, McKinsey & Company

    The COVID-19 crisis forced organizations around the world to reevaluate many aspects of their work, workforce, and workplace, while also presenting new risks and opportunities. In turn, we have the opportunity to invest in our human capital in new or reimagined initiatives that improve employee experience, increase productivity, and reduce voluntary attrition to competitors. Wow, this sounds like employee wellbeing! 

  • Jamil Stamschror-Lott

    Leading Change: Addressing Mental Health Through a DEI Lens

    Jamil Stamschror-Lott, MSW
    Co-founder & CEO, Creative Kuponya

    How do we design spaces for healing as opposed to harm for clients of color and other marginalized groups? The past 24 months have challenged every angle of mental wellbeing and it's time we move to restoration and healing by proactively creating a new “normal.” Understanding racialized and historical trauma and its impact on individuals, organizations, and communities, is a dynamic space that should be woven throughout our wellbeing programs. The impact of social inclusion on mental health is profound. 

  • Kate Snowise

    Circumventing Burnout: Understanding the Antidotes to Stress 

    Kate Snowise, MS
    Founder & Executive Coach, Thrive.How

    I’m tired. I’m burning out. I need to get away. Maybe it’s time to quit? We’ve all heard these kinds of sentiments and likely have felt them ourselves! The tsunami of change and uncertainty has challenged us all. How can we help ourselves and our employees move through this? Once we understand the stress process, we have the ability to circumvent it. Kate will use a psychological model of stress to introduce us to the three stress antidotes: Mindset, Action, and Nourishment. While we can apply the antidotes personally, they also provide a meaningful framework to bring structure to organizational wellbeing initiatives. Interventions built around these elements can assist in reducing our levels of burnout and exhaustion and help us create personal and professional sustainability. 


  • Well Talk Presenter Paul Batz

    Leading With Goodness: Nurturing the Future

    Paul Batz
    CEO & Founder, Good Leadership Enterprises

    The ever-changing demands of the workplace have left many exhausted. As leaders, how can we rekindle energy when we are tired too?! Learn how to navigate through uncertainty with Goodness. Goodness is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and teamwork. 

    He will then incorporate the Seven Fs and Cornerstones of Goodness into the speech (as time allows) with the overarching message of you can’t build positive teamwork without your team member’s 7 Fs wheels rolling, and that is built on the cornerstones of goodness. 

  • Employee image

    A Mental Wellbeing Model: Encouraging Employers to Think Bigger and Delve Deeper

    Annie Ketcher
    Director of Worksite Services, HealthSource Solutions

    Employers play a key role in supporting employees' mental health and wellbeing and are challenged in how to meet this demand. Supporting employee mental health and wellbeing is a complex interwoven web of identification, support, communication, training, and individual responsibility. This session will overview a Mental Wellbeing Model that was developed to support employers in understanding all the components and influencers that need to be addressed to develop a culture that enables employees to feel safe, valued, and supported. It’s more than offering tools and resources; it’s about addressing mental wellbeing from multiple angles. 

  • Well Talk Trystan

    When Your Light Dims and Passion Wanes 

    Trystan Hoffman, MS
    Well-being Product Manager, HealthPartners

    We've probably all experienced times when our work-related passion has waned.  Engagement drops, fulfillment decreases, ambivalence creeps in. Compassion fatigue, burnout, or "career malaise" (or a combination) could all be the culprit.  Whether dealing with a bad day, or finding it hard to get out of bed, this session will arm you with tangible actions to help brighten the light. 

  • Keynote Presenter Julie Zaruba Fountaine

    Adjusting Wellness Initiatives to Everchanging Corporate Dynamics

    Julie Zaruba Fountaine, MS, MBA
    Co-owner, EMPOWER Possible Consulting, and Wellness Coordinator, College of St. Scholastica

    What things do we need to be thinking about as workplaces of the future take on a new dimension? Many employees are looking at work through a new lens. This session will focus on a regenerative business environment and how a holistic wellness approach focuses on doing wellness with employees, not to employees. Join EMPOWER Possible as we imagine a regenerative future.


A Conference to Promote Health

What is the Midwest Health Promotion Conference?

The annual Midwest Health Promotion Conference hosts professionals, students and volunteers responsible for employee health to network, share ideas and discover solutions to today’s challenges. Here you’ll have access to a large gathering of your peers. People who you can relate to, learn from, and actively contribute to the best thinking in worksite health promotion.

Meet people passionate about wellness

This day-long conference attracts large and small businesses, municipalities, brokerages, government offices, schools, hospitals and health care organizations. Participants tend to be those responsible for employee health and include human resources personnel, health educators, wellness managers, exercise physiologists, dietitians, safety professionals, benefits consultants, occupational health nurses, personal trainers and wellness committee volunteers.

If you have any questions regarding the Conference, please call us at 763-287-0740 or email conference@healthsource-solutions.com. 

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What our attendees say:

“Other wellness conferences I’ve attended are primarily theory-based. The Midwest Health Promotion Conference not only follows along with those theories and trends of wellness, but always offers tools, takeaways and great examples of people actually doing it. (It) is useful for clients, always refreshing, and is at a perfect time for annual planning.”

— Melissa D, Cigna

"I would recommend this conference to anyone interested in their health, health of their employees and health of the community!"

"Always a very organized and enjoyable event!"

"You've thought through everything and provided for every need: learning, mingling, nourishment, fun, and comfort. Thank you so much! I can't think of one thing that could be improved."

"There were several sessions I wanted to listen to and it was hard to pick just one."

“This was an amazing conference. I hope to be able to attend again next year. Wish I could have attended even more sessions. Very valuable information and dynamite speakers!”

“The amazing breakout sessions were full of information that could be easily utilized by a small or larger organization. I liked how a lot of ideas were minimal cost or easy to implement.”

“Each of the sessions I attended were all valuable. Keynote speakers were also amazing. This is the best conference I have attended in a long time.”

“The keynote speakers were awesome! The whole topic for this conference was amazing as well. It was empowering.”

“The conference was very uplifting and regenerating.”

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