2021 Midwest Health Promotion Conference

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  • Mari Ryan

    CEO and Founder, Advancing Wellness

Workplaces of the Future: An Ideation Session

Workplaces of the Future

The workplace today has evolved rapidly. Today the lines between work and life are incredibly blurred. Join this ideation session to be a futurist and design a workplace of the future – beyond COVID-19! How do we take advantage of the disruption created by COVID-19 and create a worksite vision that has wellbeing as a foundational element? This session will review how the role of human capital management, technology and social trends impact the workforce of the future. The world of change opens the door to implementing new ideas!

  • Bridget Neurer

    Senior Vice President, Aon Health Solutions

  • Andrea Kroska

    Director of Health, Benefits & Community, Deluxe Corporation

Revamping Wellbeing to Be a Cornerstone of Culture: A Case Study 

Revamping Wellbeing to be a Cornerstone of Culture

At Deluxe, with new leadership came a new direction. A new organizational vision created the opportunity to redefine Wellbeing and align it with the culture they wanted to create. This people centric approach included a performance strategy that was embedded into the culture. They did this by focusing on what was “right” for them. This session will include the leadership engagement process, how internal departments were brought together to establish buy-in and support, and the barriers that need to be solved.

  • Joelle Allen

    Chief Inclusion Officer, Interaction Traction

Diversity and Inclusion: Becoming a Part of the Conversation

Diversity and Inclusion: Becoming a Part of the Conversation

Embracing cultural and social identities like nationality, race, equity gender and sexual orientation is not only good for individual self-esteem and wellbeing – it’s good for the bottom line.  In fact, a McKinsey & Company study concludes that diverse businesses deliver 35% better results than non-diverse businesses.  However, despite the benefits of diversity, we are still divided.  Recent events including COVID-19, the murders of George Floyd and others, and worldwide protests have brought into sharp relief systemic racism, fear, despair and helplessness that disenfranchises whole segments of society and places barriers in the path of well-being at home and at work.  We are hosting an open conversation to facilitate critical dialogue and put our values into action.  Diversity, inclusion and belonging expert, Joelle Allen, will discuss recent events and just as importantly, where we go from here.

  • Peter Bridges

    Chief Commercial Officer, Ginger

Mental Wellbeing and the COVID Tango

Mental Wellbeing and the COVID Tango

The Tango requires nimbleness, improvisation and quick reactions based on a leader and follower — COVID is leading; society is scrambling to follow. The quick decisions and ever-changing pace has tugged at everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Employers have a responsibility to ensure workers feel safe, secure, and supported, whether they are at work or remote. How can corporate wellness take the lead in addressing the rising mental health issues resulting from the pandemic? Join us in a fireside chat and participate through Q&As!

  • Emi Burke

    Founder & CEO, Message of Hope Foundation

  • Wendy Webster

    Executive Director, Message of Hope Foundation

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: The Power of Hope

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: The Power of Hope

The message of the Happy Hope Foundation inspires hope and resiliency in thousands of hospitalized children delivering a boost of happiness when it's often needed most. CEO Emi Burke will share how she found new purpose while facing her young son's devastating diagnosis and connected with Executive Director, Wendy Webster, to harness this passion and realize a childhood dream.

Emi found herself in a hospital setting as a parent of a critically ill child. She was struck by how so many hospitalized children were sitting alone, devoid of hope and happiness. It was here she found her calling to harness the power of good. “I never imagined my purpose would be fulfilled through the gift of my profoundly disabled son.” Burke and Webster will share how there's opportunity to be found even when the world is in the midst of a pandemic.


A Conference to Promote Health

What is the Midwest Health Promotion Conference?

The annual Midwest Health Promotion Conference hosts professionals, students and volunteers responsible for employee health to network, share ideas and discover solutions to today’s challenges. Here you’ll have access to a large gathering of your peers. People who you can relate to, learn from, and actively contribute to the best thinking in worksite health promotion.

Meet people passionate about wellness

This day-long conference attracts large and small businesses, municipalities, brokerages, government offices, schools, hospitals and health care organizations. Participants tend to be those responsible for employee health and include human resources personnel, health educators, wellness managers, exercise physiologists, dietitians, safety professionals, benefits consultants, occupational health nurses, personal trainers and wellness committee volunteers.

If you have any questions regarding the Conference, please call us at 763-287-0740 or email conference@healthsource-solutions.com. 

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The MHPC in Review

Attendee Feedback...

“Other wellness conferences I’ve attended are primarily theory-based. The Midwest Health Promotion Conference not only follows along with those theories and trends of wellness, but always offers tools, takeaways and great examples of people actually doing it. (It) is useful for clients, always refreshing, and is at a perfect time for annual planning.”

— Melissa D, Cigna

"I would recommend this conference to anyone interested in their health, health of their employees and health of the community!"

"Always a very organized and enjoyable event!"

"You've thought through everything and provided for every need: learning, mingling, nourishment, fun, and comfort. Thank you so much! I can't think of one thing that could be improved."

"There were several sessions I wanted to listen to and it was hard to pick just one."

“This was an amazing conference. I hope to be able to attend again next year. Wish I could have attended even more sessions. Very valuable information and dynamite speakers!”

“The amazing breakout sessions were full of information that could be easily utilized by a small or larger organization. I liked how a lot of ideas were minimal cost or easy to implement.”

“Each of the sessions I attended were all valuable. Keynote speakers were also amazing. This is the best conference I have attended in a long time.”

“The keynote speakers were awesome! The whole topic for this conference was amazing as well. It was empowering.”

“The conference was very uplifting and regenerating.”

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