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Our portal technology makes engagement as easy as syncing to your device or replying "yes" to a text message. With endless activity options and over 400 challenges, your programming will never get dull. Plus, we take the workload off your shoulders, making administering it easy as well. From set-up, to communications, to monthly challenges, to reporting — we really do it all!

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What our CLIENTS Love:

Variety & Customization: From the look and layout, to the activities, to the incentive structure – we customize the portal to meet your wellness goals and objectives.

Dedicated Portal Management Team: We know how to make a wellness program successful! Our staff are expert wellness consultants and portal administrators. We take the workload off your shoulders and manage your portal year-round.

Holistic Approach: Our portal engages employees in all areas of wellbeing: physical, social, mental, financial, and career.

Regular Reporting: We report monthly, quarterly, and yearly on the data that is important to you, such as, participation, outcomes, rewards, testimonials, and aggregate health assessment and biometric data.

Family Members are Free! Spouses, domestic partners and dependents over 18 can be invited to use the portal at no cost.

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What your EMPLOYEES will Love:

Meaningful Activities: With 400+ individual and team wellbeing activities participants will not lose interest and can work on what matters most to them.

Easy to Engage! We help make it easy to participate and stay engaged with text tracking reminders, app and fitness device integration, a mobile app and push notifications.

Social Connectivity: We offer a variety of ways to keep employees connected with team challenges, leaderboards, message boards, peer-to-peer challenges, and family programming.

Gift Card Mall: Participants love being able to select the merchant or charity of their choice. We have many options of how you can reward your employees, but our Gift Card Mall is an easy and simple way employees can get rewarded along their annual wellness journey.

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Add Health Coaching

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Expand your offering by including health coaching through our partner Marquee Health. It adds a personal touch that can dramatically increase your program’s engagement and effectiveness. Health coaching through Marquee Health is based on a holistic, mind-body approach that views good health as a balance of physical, financial, and mental wellbeing. Using the principles of stage-based behavior change and Positive Psychology, the Marquee Health coaching model meets participants where they are in their readiness to change. Marquee Health provides personalized coaching through multiple channels: telephonic; in-person; email; web chat; and video. For web chat and video consultation, Marquee offers scheduled sessions via the proprietary eConnect® platform. Coaching is available in both English and Spanish.

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Enrich your wellness program with


Our Portal + WPM approach integrates our Wellness Program Management services with our Wellness Portal. Utilizing our Best Practices Model, our Wellness Program Managers guide you in building a culture where your employees value and embrace wellbeing. Best of all, we manage your program and portal year-round! No administration necessary!

Why Choose Portal + WPM?

Portal + WPM helps companies who are looking for:

  • a defined wellness strategy and infrastructure
  • better program communications, visibility and awareness
  • support with tracking and reporting on engagement
  • guidance on building supportive leadership and strong wellbeing influencers
  • a comprehensive program that supports all areas of wellbeing
  • a dedicated team that drives your program and portal year-round
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Healthy Employees; Healthy Company!

Now more than ever it is important to show your employees you care about their wellbeing — we are here to help. By simply providing gentle nudges to remind people to do what they already want to do, you can greatly enhance their wellbeing making them more productive at home and work, and generally happier with life. 

Our Portal Small Business Solution is pre-built, easy to implement, and affordable. The program focuses on preventive care as well as the six dimensions of wellbeing: mental, social, physical, career, financial, and community. Each quarter, there will be a new focus with challenges and activities to support your employees in building new health behaviors while earning points along the way!

Why Choose the Portal Small Business Solution?

Decision-Free! Our Portal Small Business Solution is a 12-month comprehensive wellbeing program ready for you to implement.

Automated Communications: Your employees will stay informed and engaged with regular communications from portal announcement messages to program emails we provide for you. 

Collaborative Support: Connect with other companies participating in the Portal Small Business Solution through quarterly group check-in calls to share ideas and stay on track.  

Reporting: HealthSource Solutions will provide you with a quarterly participation report and a year-end portal dashboard so you can monitor engagement.

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Our Gratitude Board Program Includes:
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  • Promotional flyer and email script
  • Sample instructions to post at the gratitude board
  • Additional ideas for sharing boards beyond gratitude