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HealthSource Solutions’ employee wellbeing products and programs are an economical, fun and motivational way to engage and reach all your employees. Our most popular products include our Behavior Change Programs and Health Awareness Programs that address Physical Activity, Nutrition and Weight Management, Resiliency, Selfcare, Tobacco Cessation and more! Whether you're a 'do-it-yourselfer' or need some input from one of our a Wellness Program Managers, our large variety of programs and products will keep your wellness message strong and encourage employee participation year-after-year.

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Successful Behavior Change Programs...

"I have been trying to motivate myself to change behaviors to lose weight for months. This program finally put all of the steps together for me to be successful."

"This was fun and rewarding. My coworkers and I enjoyed encouraging each other, and we held each other accountable for exercise and diet!"

"I am very happy to say I have lost 25 pounds and several inches and I feel great! I still have a hard time believing I lost the weight just from trying this program."

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