Wellness Program Manager develops solutions that increase awareness by 19% over a year: A Case Study

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INDUSTRY: Construction

COMPANY: Holder Construction Group



This organization lacked the infrastructure and capacity to address the growing need for mental wellness services and assistance among its construction workforce. Within the market, construction laborers are at a four times greater risk of suicide than any other profession, as well as experiencing the highest rates of substance abuse.  A crisis has been forming within this workforce population for years, aggravated by rising health costs, inflation, and job fluidity.  A traditionally hard-to-reach population, construction workers need more education, awareness, and connection to services.


Through structured program management, the organization sought to:

  • Provide mental health education and awareness of available resources.
  • Offer a sustainable framework for wellness.
  • Minimize the stigmas associated with mental health treatment.


The Wellness Program Manager developed solutions that worked within shift schedules and brought wellness directly to the workers. The focus was to build awareness, increase knowledge, drive commitment, and provide community resources.

By increasing awareness of mental health first aid training, the client saw a remarkable 19% increase in participation year over year. To maintain momentum, all trained employees receive ongoing training and resources monthly, fostering the development of a network of mental health champions on the jobsite.

  • Our Wellness Program Manager partnered with the GA Department of Health to conduct Narcan training for the employees on the jobsite. Through this partnership, they were able to distribute 120 Narcan kits for free to employees who expressed interest.
  • Partnering with the non-profit, A Child's Voice, we were able to offer resources for mental health support to both employees and their families. This initiative reflects the organization’s commitment to employee wellbeing and fosters a supportive workplace environment.
  • Wellness program messaging is communicated during weekly all-hands meetings. Additionally, videos are shared in break areas, and flyers, banners, and newsletters are prominently displayed throughout the project site, ensuring widespread visibility and engagement with the wellness initiatives.
  • The Wellness Program Manager also walks the jobsite to engage employees in conversation around mental wellbeing, ensuring employees know how to access offerings.
  • Engaging Supervisors to be a key support system raised the message “talk to me, I’m here for you.”

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