Wellness Solutions for Construction Companies

Custom solutions to build a culture of wellness across your remote workforce

Partner with Us to Improve Workforce Wellness

Working in construction brings unique challenges, especially when it comes to keeping your workforce healthy in both body and mind. Working together, we help construction companies across the country maximize employee engagement and generate measurable results. We offer solutions for organizations of all sizes, from Onsite Wellness Program Managers who lead all wellness activities from your location to Wellness Portal Management — and everything in between.

We can help you overcome these challenges:
  • Helping workers in demanding physical jobs and high-stress environments to focus on preventive care and mental health
  • Engaging dispersed employees who may lack access to computers or struggle with literacy
  • Integrating wellness with safety, risk management, and other key initiatives for a holistic approach to employee wellbeing
  • Keeping MOD rates low to give your organization a competitive advantage
  • Demonstrating tangible outcomes in employee wellness to meet contract provisions and become an employer of choice
  • Safety remains a top priority — but it takes more than a single effort to create a true culture of wellness that lets your valued employees thrive.
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Construction workers experience far greater health risks compared to the general population.

On-the-job injuries 70% higher

Suicide rates 5 times greater

video: Mental Health for Construction

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Our staff provide employees a resource that is approachable, trusting and easy to work with.

Onsite Wellness Program Management

We understand each organization is at a different place with mental health and wellbeing, so we help you identify the gaps, prioritize your initiatives, and then build a plan to achieve them.

Mental Wellbeing Strategy
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From set-up, to communications, to monthly challenges, to reporting — we really do it all!

Wellness Portal
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