Wellness Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

We guide, build, and drive!

As you compete for talent, we know wellness programs that represent a 'we care' value help drive recruitment and retention. Our Wellness Program Managers help plan and implement programs that match your mission vision, and values. We understand that keeping your team nourished mentally, physically, and emotionally allows them to fully embrace the work they do.

Flexible & Efficient

Our reliable, consistent drumbeat of wellness offers your workforce a sense of stability and control over their wellbeing. Our Program Managers are adept at adjusting programming based on your culture and the needs of your workforce and volunteers. We help develop and implement a plan that will meet your organization's goals within your budgetary limitations.

Effective & Affordable

Our Program managers are focused on long-term impact through procedural, methodical change. While bursts of activity are exciting, it is the consistent, engaging communication that will help your workforce make the meaningful behavior changes that lead towards a sense of well-being. We take “wellness as a value” seriously and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Our Solutions


Our Wellness Program Management Solutions provide depth and focus to your Wellness Program.

Wellness Program Management
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We coordinate all the details to make your onsite flu shot clinic efficient and easy.

Biometric Screening
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From set-up, to communications, to monthly challenges, to reporting — we really do it all!

Wellness Portal

 A cost-effective approach to build, or enhance, your wellness program.

Wellness Cooperative Solution
Fitness Professional

Our staff provide employees a resource that is approachable, trusting and easy to work with.

Onsite Wellness and Fitness Staffing
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We understand each organization is at a different place with mental health and wellbeing, so we help you identify the gaps, prioritize your initiatives, and then build a plan to achieve them.

Mental Wellbeing Strategy

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