HealthSource Solutions Joined Construction Leaders Across the Nation to Tackle Worker Health Challenges with Onsite Wellness Services

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Hundreds of construction and healthcare professionals gathered at the Construction Working Minds Summit on February 28-29 for solutions to reduce suicide, addiction, and other healthcare access challenges.
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PRESS RELEASE | Minneapolis, MN, March 12, 2024 /  HealthSource Solutions, a leader in employee wellbeing, joined hundreds of professionals and advocates in the construction industry on February 28-29 at the 2024 Construction Working Minds Summit to tackle mental health and addiction challenges, and to speak on how onsite wellness services can aid in solving these challenges.

The third annual event hosted by national nonprofit organizations United Suicide Survivors International (US) and the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) was themed Scaffolding and Scaling: Reaching All with Construction Mental Health Promotion, Suicide Prevention, and Addiction Recovery.

HealthSource Solutions, also an event sponsor, knows first-hand the myriad of challenges facing the construction employee population. Data from the CDC shows that overdoses killed 163 of every 100,000 people in construction in 2020, making it the most dangerous occupation for fatal drug outcomes. Additionally, studies have shown that the construction industry has one of the highest suicide rates among all professions — nearly  that of the general population.

Multiple work-related, personal, and systematic factors contribute to the high rates of suicide, drug use, and other challenges. Physically demanding jobs, difficult work environments, long working hours, highly stressful and unfavorable working conditions, physical risks associated with the job, and decentralized and remote locations all play a role in this difficult scenario.

However, according to a recent study, there is a significant industry-wide interest in prioritizing worker wellbeing. More specifically, fifty-two percent of general contractors expressed the need for additional resources to address mental health, suicide prevention, and opioid use. Reaching this population of workers is very difficult and is a challenge that HealthSource Solutions prioritizes.

HealthSource Solutions is bridging the accessibility gap and reducing stigma by ensuring construction workers have resources, education, and access to mental health services. The company helps construction employers and general contractors foster wellness within their workforce, and firmly believes that the distinctive challenges of the construction industry should not prevent employees from accessing high-quality care.

HealthSource Solutions employs wellness program managers who have college degrees, industry experience, and approachable personalities which builds trust, thus enhancing worker engagement, participation, and positive outcomes. According to HealthSource Solutions, providing tailored solutions for mental health and wellbeing is the bridge to overcoming the stigma associated with mental health.

“We need to end mental health stigma, especially in the construction industry,” said Robert Chapman, onsite program manager at a large general contractor. “Addressing the mental health crisis in this industry is critical, and events like this raise awareness and offer solutions to workers who rely on our support. Many construction workers face isolation and limited resources around getting the help they desperately need. Our onsite wellness staff prioritizes preventive care that seamlessly integrates into workers' routines. We see a huge improvement when we help companies provide practical solutions to their decentralized and hard-to-reach workforce. We were so proud and honored to participate in this year’s summit. We will continue to advocate and bring solutions to improve the lives of so many hard-working construction professionals.”

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