2020 Presenters

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Call for Presentations!

HealthSource Solutions thanks you for taking the time to consider submitting a presentation for our Midwest Health Promotion Conference on October 29, 2020. We are searching for the “best of the best” presenters to engage attendees in Breakout Session presentations and conversations around employee health and wellbeing.

Presenting at the annual Midwest Health Promotion Conference provides an opportunity to share your wellness knowledge, experiences, and ideas, as well as build your professional network. Your presentation should fit within the Conference theme of “Breaking Barriers; Building Bridges.”  Focus on suggestions, activities, tools and best practices as they relate to the wellness industry. Please see details and topic suggestions below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Conference Coordinator at: (763) 287-0740 or conference@healthsource-solutions.com

Submissions must be received by April 17, 2020.

Presentation Applications Due

All proposals are due by April 17, 2020. Please see Presentation Requirements below. Sessions must be educational in nature with no undertone to sell products or services.

Selections Announced

All presentation proposal selections will be announced by May 13, 2020. Ten to fifteen speakers will be chosen.

Presentation Materials

Submit final PowerPoint presentation or other materials by September 30, 2020 for our online syllabus.

Speakers and Sessions

Sessions are 55 minutes long, with select sessions being repeated. Speakers are expected to be in attendance the entire day to network with attendees.


Presentation Requirements

  • Selection Considerations

     Topics will be rated against the following criteria:

    • Alignment with the theme: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges
    • Topic relevance to worksite wellness/wellbeing
    • How it applies to the worksite and evidence that it works
    • Richness of content
    • Innovation or new trends
    • Topic expertise
    • Speaking experience
    • Past attendance at the Midwest Health Promotion Conference
    • Breakout Session Topics

      We are looking for topics that align with these four categories: Vision of Wellness, Making it Happen, Trends, and Mental Health. Under each category are suggested ideas.

      • How are you working to improve the employee wellness experience?
      • Are you breaking barriers to be more inclusive, to change the perception of wellness, or to enhance accessibility to resources? 
      • Are you building bridges to promote collaboration or thinking outside the box to provide impactful programming solutions?

    Vision of Wellness

    • Passion & purpose
    • Setting expectations?
    • Tying the vision of wellness in with the company vision
    • Communicating vision to employees
    • Leadership connection
    • Perceptions of wellness
    • ROI/VOI

    Making It Happen

    • Engagement
    • Diversity and inclusion (ethnic, generational, caregivers, backgrounds)
    • Program design
    • Effective communication and promotion
    • Programming and resources to help plan for a healthy day
    • Cross collaboration with other groups, initiatives or company goals.
    • Maximizing resources — national or local
    • Tools for action


    • Impact of technology/digital health
    • Wellness portals
    • Health consumerism
    • Data: how much and what should we track?
    • Social determinates of health
    • Biometrics-what do you do with the data?

    Mental Health

    • Burnout
    • Prevention
    • Resources
    • How do you help
    • Adolescence (parents)
    • Work/life balance
    • Too busy
    • Tools for resiliency
    • Social isolation and loneliness

    Mark your calendars!

    The Midwest Health Promotion Conference is Thursday, October 29, 2020.