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Management and Staffing

With more than 18 years experience in the fitness center management business, HealthSource Solutions currently provides employee fitness center management for many of the area’s largest employers. The success of HealthSource Solutions fitness centers is based on the quality of our staff, a robust value-add offering, the individual relationships we foster and the collaboration with other company initiatives.

Fitness Center Services include:

  • Fitness consultations and personalized exercise programs
  • Equipment orientations
  • Group fitness classes—all formats
  • Programs to increase membership and fitness center utilization
  • Non-member outreach of health promotion programs
  • Management of specialized programs (massage, running/walking clubs)
  • Daily operations and facility management
  • Health and wellness bulletin boards, newsletters and Healthy Hints emails
  • Educational seminars
  • Special event coordination with other company employee groups
  • Reporting

Fitness Center Staff

The core essence of an onsite employee fitness center is driven by the quality of the staff. We know that to keep utilization high, improve employee wellness, increase membership and provide exceptional customer service, it starts with a motivating and approachable team. HealthSource Solutions staff are dedicated to making your employee fitness center a hub of health promotion activity to support employees in creating health awareness and achieving a healthy lifestyle – whether for physical activity or some other aspect of their health.

For more information about fitness center services, please contact us.