“I Was Done Being the Tired Mom!” Sarah’s Biometric Screening Success Story

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One of the things we tell our clients about the benefit of our onsite biometric screenings with immediate feedback is the ability to have a teachable moment right away. Sarah has a great story about how our biometric screening was the catalyst that inspired her to take better care of her health.

What got you started on your health journey?

Last fall at the biometric screening, I really had a wake-up call to the reality that there wasn’t anything especially wrong about my health, but I wasn’t thriving and living my best life.  I decided that I was done being the tired mom. I had all the excuses with a husband working overnights, a recent move, a preschooler with big emotions, and a 1-year-old who still struggled with sleep - I was just done with yoga pants and oversized t-shirts! I wanted more, and I was ready to put in the work and change.

What helped you make healthier choices?

I found support and accountability through my Beachbody online group. I was hesitant, but knew the daily check-ins, combined with watching others make positive health changes would help me greatly.  It ended up being a key part to my success; they cheered me on through good and hard days of my journey and continue to encourage me and hold me accountable as it’s not “get to a certain weight and then check the box, you’re done”. Our health is a journey and we need positive, encouraging people to travel the trail with us.

Support is so key to making changes in your health.  My husband was my #1 cheerleader and even drank the protein shakes, ate the extra veggies and supported my not buying all the “treats.” For Christmas we put our health incentive money toward buying Apple watches so we could better track our health.  He was and is my rock.

How do you get past challenges like busy schedules, sickness and stress?

I’m so aware of my body, my mental health and my habits are stronger to support myself during off days or stretches of sickness that wear me out.  I give myself grace and then jump back on and get back into my good habits.

What benefits have you noticed?

I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds, have much greater control over emotional eating and have started exercising more regularly again.

I’m a much happier mother and wife today than I was last fall. I have more energy, more joy, and I’m more confident in who I am and who I have become.  I know I’m not perfect.  I’ll have seasons when I still struggle, but I now have good, positive habits to fall back on, a community to encourage me, and the confidence to know, “I can do it!”

- Sarah Nerison, MAC employee Spouse