Gratitude: More Than Thank You

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Thanking someone is a form of gratitude, but gratitude is more than an action, it is a positive emotion. Practicing gratitude has been shown to reduce the risk for depression and anxiety. It can also leave you feeling more content, devoted, and less stressed. Gratitude is a personal practice that can also be very beneficial as an employee wellbeing initiative.

enhance your personal gratitude practice

Gratitude may not come naturally, but by actively practicing it and choosing to acknowledge the good you can improve your outlook on life. Whether it be giving yourself grace for making a mistake, thanking someone for holding the door for you, or being grateful for a warm sunny day – there is always something to appreciate.

Ideas to enhance your personal gratitude practice:

Keep a gratitude journal.

Try writing down one to three things a day you are grateful for. No time to write? Discuss with a loved one.

 Take a walk.

Take in all of your surroundings. Notice how the air smells, the color of the sky, the people or nature around you and the quality time you are able to spend with your own thoughts.

 Write a thank you note.

Whether it be to someone who did something nice for you or someone you want to recognize, giving thanks makes both parties feel good. A small gesture of gratitude can go a long way.

 Consider the everyday.

How many people contributed to making the clothes on your back? Think about who is involved with getting water to your shower or the food in your fridge. Reflect on how many amazing people you have to thank for the small things you usually do not give a second thought to.

 Reach out.

Is there someone in your life who is struggling or in need of a friend? Give them a call, let them know you are there for them and thankful they are in your life.

gratitude at work

Employee Appreciation.

Praising employees verbally, in an email or note, posting to a group chat, or on your company recognition platform, are great ways to build morale and positivity in your work environment. If you don’t already have a peer-to-peer recognition program, take time to create something that is meaningful for your organization. At HealthSource Solutions, we use Microsoft Teams for employees to post “Shout Outs” and regularly praise their staff and peers. We also recognize employee anniversaries each month and celebrate birthdays with an email including pictures and fun facts about the employee. In addition to praise, you may want to determine if you include a gift with your recognition program. A great way to know how your employees like to be appreciated and recognized is through an employee survey.

Gratitude Boards.

Gratitude Boards in the workplace are a no-cost initiative to contribute to positive employee morale and resiliency. A gratitude board can be provided in a common space for onsite employees or driven digitally to reach multiple locations through a sharing page like Microsoft Teams or Google Docs.


Employees may experience the following positive impacts when participating in gratitude practices:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Strengthened connection to coworkers
  • Improved focus, energy, and mental clarity

Employers may experience the following positive impacts when implementing gratitude boards:

  • Increased camaraderie and social connection in the workplace
  • Improved office morale with reduced absenteeism
  • Increased employee retention and talent recruitment

THINK about whom or what you are grateful for and take a moment to appreciate its impacts. WRITE it down and POST it on the Gratitude Board.  SMILE about how this practice has made you feel and that it may make someone else’s day too!

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