Building A Practice Of Highs And Lows

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Share Your HIGHS and LOWS

Make a Habit of Reflecting and Connecting

Highs and Lows sharing is where everyone around the dinner table lists their “highs” and “lows” of the day. The importance of the tradition is it allows everyone to share their favorite and worst parts of their day with the people who care about them. It makes the best parts of the day better and provides support from others to help you get through the tough parts. Building a practice of Highs and Lows sharing is a great exercise you can do with those you live with, or by calling your family or a friend. Simply sharing the best part of your day and the hardest part of your day helps you reflect on your day, build empathy, and connect with others. Watch this video as our fitness specialist, Chelsea, walks your through her practice of highs and lows.

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