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By Annie Ketcher, Account Manager

Recently I had the opportunity to lead a planning meeting with a new company we are working with. This client is a busy law firm located in downtown Minneapolis. They have done several wellness initiatives in the past, but haven’t quite made the shift to a more comprehensive wellness program.

At the wellness committee meeting it was clear that this group was ready to take their program to the next level. We reviewed the HealthSource Solutions program model which encourages a comprehensive program to include awareness messaging, behavior change programs, targeted programs, environment and culture changes, assessments, data collection and evaluation.

We discussed the benefits of having a brand for their wellness program (name and logo) as well as a mission statement. The wellness committee agreed that this would help formalize their program and they were ready to move forward with putting these items in place right away. It was decided that they would gather suggestions from employees on what to name the program and then have all employees vote on their favorite. This helps employees feel like they are a part of the process and gets them involved early on.

They also liked the idea of setting wellness goals that would help them evaluate their program at the end of the year. Their initial goals will be created based on data gathered from an employee interest survey and their past medical claims.

This initial planning is a fun and exciting time for a wellness committee and it definitely plays a big role in setting the tone for the company’s wellness program. I encourage committees I work with to take the extra time when first launching their wellness program to put these important infrastructure pieces in place. This will start them down the right path for a successful wellness program!