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By: Bridget Carlson, Program Manager 

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular. Research shows that being seated for too long is not good for our bodies. Getting an ergonomic assessment so your seat, arm rests, back support, desk height, computer screen and keyboard height are in the right location for your body is extremely helpful in preventing injury, pain and even arthritis.

Some companies are making this option easier to attain by offering the assessment as a free service at work if requested. Some companies are even supplying the standing desks to their employees for free if they have a doctor’s note or reasoning to have one. If you ask me, we all have a reason to have a standing desk! Being seated and still for 8 or more hours is not good for our bodies. The amount of time our hips are flexed and our entire torso spends at rest can create a very negative chain of effects throughout our bodies. Sitting for too long can not only cause aches and pains in our joints and muscles, but it can cause our digestive system to slow down.

The newest version of the standing desk is the sit-to-stand desk. This allows you to go from seated to standing throughout your day. This is a great option for everyone to have so that you can stand up as much as your body wants. It allows you to take a seat when you need to rest, eat or really focus in on a project.

Ask your supervisor what options you have. Our bodies are meant to move, stretch, engage and allow our blood to flow. The more engaged we can keep our muscles to hold our posture strong, the more engaged we can keep our minds on whatever task is thrown at us!