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By Angela Olson, Fitness Specialist 

Children are influenced by the world around them, but your actions and attitudes as a parent can have the strongest influence. By making healthy choices, you can help set your child up for success throughout their whole life. Here are five ways you can positively influence your child’s health and overall wellness as they get older:

1. Get Active Children should participate in daily physical activity. Play sports or physically demanding games at home, attend their games or join a league for yourself to set a good example. Daily physical activity can reduce children’s risk for diseases later in life such as diabetes and heart disease.

2. Cook Together Many kids love messy, hands-on activities. Teach your children the life skill of preparing food at home to help instill healthy eating habits. A fun way to engage your child in cooking is to help them prepare meals they can take to school.

3. Go to the Doctor Visiting your doctor on a yearly basis is valuable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular check-ups will help prevent or detect health risks. Bring your child to his or her regular check-ups and make sure you go to your own appointments. Instill this healthy habit for them to continue into adulthood.

4. Save Money Financial wellbeing is part of overall wellness. You can help your child build healthy financial habits at a young age. This can be as simple as giving your child a piggy bank to save money for something they want. Help them understand at an early age how money is earned and added to the amount or spent and lost.

5. Share Your Feelings It’s not easy to talk about your emotions, but bottling them up can feel even worse. Children, especially adolescents, are going through big changes. Being able to talk to someone about how they are feeling helps them cope. Open a door for communication so your child feels comfortable and safe to share their feelings with you and in other relationships.

As a parent, you can help your children develop into healthy, emotionally stable adults. Become a role model of healthy choices to help your child thrive.