Express Yourself!

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Close up image of box of Crayons
Close up image of box of Crayons

the art of creative expression

Creative expression is a process in which you can explore your thoughts and feelings through a variety of activities. Painting, drawing, photography, singing, and dancing are a few activities used in creative expression. These activities can help foster an environment of healing and self-discovery. Creative expression can engage multiple senses and incorporate physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing domains.

Creative expression is often used with younger children, however, the benefits are not limited to one age group. Children, adults, and older adults alike can benefit from participating in creative expression. A recent study examined the effects of creative expression using storytelling on long-term care residents with dementia. The results showed a notable increase in positive emotions, social communication, and the ability to express the need for basic care for up to seven weeks after the intervention.

Creative expression is also used to help individuals dealing with traumatic events, cultural issues, behavioral and mental health problems, and even disease.  These activities are also a practical option for people that find it difficult to express their feelings with words.

Creative expression can open avenues of self-reflection when feelings and thoughts may be too difficult to express in traditional ways. The variety of creative expression provides endless opportunities for people to express their feelings and connect with themselves and other people.