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By Jill Duevel, Director of Business Development

Seven months ago, I lost a parent to type II Diabetes. Loved ones and I witnessed firsthand the negative effects of being sedentary had on my Dad: his body, muscles, endurance, internal organs, body mass index, and his overall happiness. Going through this process has forever impacted my life in many ways.  I would like to share one specific example in hopes that I will help to make a positive impact on your quality of life.  
Up until this point, I had never thought about “moving” as something not to be taken for granted.  I have changed my perspective on the word “exercising” and have replaced this word with “purposeful movement”.  “Movement” essentially means motion.  “Purpose” means the reason for which something is done.  These two words together mean something special to me. Purposeful movement is now something I now think about daily.  
  •  How will I obtain purposeful movement today?  
  •  How much will I sit versus stand? 
  •  Will I be able to get a run/walk in? 
  •  Will I be able to fit in some weight lifting?  
  •  Will I make it a point to get some stretching in?  
  •  Will I choose to take the stairs?  
  •  Will I play with my children or will I sit and watch them?   
  •  How will I choose to be a good role model of purposeful movement of those around me today?  

I have learned that even small doses of purposeful movement can make a huge difference.  I also feel better and those around me can notice a difference when I choose purposeful movement rather than being sedentary on a daily basis.  I am happier, more productive, feel stronger, and have more energy.  It’s one of the ways I choose to be a Daymaker,someone who is mindful each day of making a positive impact on life.
My life lesson: To choose to live day by day with purposeful movement is something not to be taken for granted and one of the best gifts you can give not only to yourself but the people you love the most as well.     
How will you get your purposeful movement on today?