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By: Sydney Burch

Instead of trudging to the gym in an effort to blast out 60 minutes on a cardio machine, why not venture into new terrain? Although possibly intimidating at first, this new terrain wants you to come explore. It welcomes you with open benches! It offers you benefits for your body and mind, creative ways to sweat, other explorers who share similar goals and finally, a solution to your gym boredom. The weight room and all of its free weights, cable machines and squat racks offers you effective and challenging ways to get your best workout. Let’s see how!

Strong Muscles Means Lean Muscles
There’s this unnecessary thought circling around about how lifting weights will make you big and bulky. Depending on your goals and eating habits this could be desired and attained but in order to make those serious gains you need to be amping up your caloric intake. So, I repeat, lifting will not make you bulky. Think of it like this, when you build lean muscle mass your body essentially shrink wraps itself by revving up your metabolism which burns more calories each day. So hit that weight room with ferocity!

Accomplishments and Confidence
Being able to walk into the gym with a plan and leave the gym with an accomplishment is always something to be proud of! Whether your goal is to break a sweat, lift heavier or zone in and tune out, any sense of accomplishment brings a stronger sense of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Also, the work you put into your health and your body in the gym translates outside of the gym! Being able to increase your work ethic and confidence through health will radiate in all other aspects of your life.

Venture into the weight room and enjoy all of its benefits! Remember to always challenge and take care of yourself by treating your body with activity and sweat. Explore on!