4 Produce Saving Tips That Work!

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Fruits and vegetables are not cheap and if you fail to store them properly, they can go bad quickly. Below are a few tips to help keep your produce fresh so you can waste less and enjoy it longer.

Reduce Moisture:

Paper towels are a great tool to help reduce moisture that can cause produce to spoil. Place a paper towel in a bag of washed lettuce, greens, or herbs. Paper towels also work well for strawberries and cut peppers. Preserve mushrooms by placing them in a paper bag in the refrigerator.

Water Storage:

Store hardy vegetables like carrots, celery, potatoes, and apples in cold water after they are cut. Cut the ends, and store fresh herbs and asparagus upright in water to keep them fresh longer. Remember to change the water every 3 days.

Produce Drawer Inserts:

Drawer liners allow air to circulate throughout the drawer to prevent your produce from rotting or spoiling. Many of our staff members swear by a product from BluApple. This plastic apple is filled with a carbon filter to absorb ethylene gas and prolong the life of your produce. It can be placed in a produce drawer or next to produce on your kitchen counter.

Produce Saving Containers:

Wash and cut your veggies so they are ready to eat or throw into your favorite dish. One of our wellness program managers uses a Tupperware produce saver, but there are many plastic containers that preserve produce on the market. Look for ones that allow you to adjust airflow and have a moisture tray.