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Help your employees reach their full potential, by offering metabolic assessments at your worksite!

Why is your metabolic rate important?

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food and beverages you consume into energy. Your metabolic rate is the number of calories your body uses at rest and on the move each day, which ties into whether you gain, lose or maintain your weight. Each person’s metabolic rate is unique as many things play into, such as: age, gender, body composition, bodily functions like breathing & digestion, and physical activity. By learning your metabolic rate at rest and/or while active you can learn valuable information to meet your weight management and fitness goals.

Why offer metabolic assessments at your worksite?

Aside from bringing a tool that will help your employees learn valuable information to better manage their weight and fitness goals, our metabolic assessments are:

  • No cost to your company. Employees schedule and pay for their appointments online.
  • Convenient for the employee.
  • Easy to implement. We provide all the marketing materials.

What assessment is right for your employees?

We offer two assessments. The Exercise Metabolic Assessment requires participants to walk or jog on a treadmill (that you provide) for 8-12 minutes. The Resting Metabolic Assessment requires participants to sit quietly for 12 minutes. Learn more below:

Exercise Metabolic Assessment

Measures your metabolic rate during exercise.
Required equipment: Treadmill

  • Learn how many calories your body burns while exercising
  • Understand at what heart rate you burn calories most efficiently
  • Receive a customized fitness plan based on your individual results

Resting Metabolic Assessment
Measures your metabolic rate while at rest.
Required equipment: Table/desk and chairs.

  • Know how many calories your body burns at rest
  • Understand your daily caloric need based on your metabolic rate and activity level
  • Walk away with an estimate of how many calories you should eat

Free Demo Offer: Not sure if metabolic assessments are right for your organization? We'll come out and do a free 30-minute demo at your worksite and show you the quaity and value first-hand!

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