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Injury Prevention

Services are provided by a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or athletic trainer and may include the following during scheduled “on-site” hours:

  • Job-specific stretch program
  • Injury evaluations (specifically sprain/strain injuries)
  • Injury treatment
  • Case management services
  • Safety incentive programs
  • Safety and Wellness Committee

Benefits of injury prevention services:

  • Consistent presence of a trained therapist will allow employees to access specialists in orthopedic conditions and work-related injuries. The employee will also receive a customized care plan.
  • Employees can access the therapist at no cost prior to seeing his/her physician for their condition.
  • The therapist has the ability to see the worker perform work tasks and give instant feedback on how he/she can decrease strain on the body while performing the job demands necessary for the position.

Ergonomic Assessment

A comprehensive job analysis will be performed specific to a job classification.

Benefits of ergonomic assessment:

  • Functional job analysis and ergonomic assessments are provided by therapists that specialize in ergonomics, orthopedic conditions, sprain/strain injuries and work-related musculoskeletal injuries.
  • A detailed job analysis with digital photos will be presented to the company. Recommendations will also be provided for the job that was analyzed.

Pre-Employment Screening

Utilizing a Functional Job Analysis, a pre-employment screening can be created and utilized by a company. The screening is used as a post-offer, pre-employment tool that tests a potential employee’s ability to perform essential job functions. The screening is ADA compliant.

Benefits of a pre-employment screening:

  • HealthSource Solutions will provide the screening within 24-48 hours from the date and time of the request.
  • The screening can be arranged at the place of employment during the hiring process.
  • Pre-employment screening will assist the employer in hiring employees that are able to perform the essential job demands for a particular position.