Why Companies Value Onsite Biometric Screenings

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An onsite Biometric Screening should be much more than just a wellness “event” at your company. If you need more answers to “why” screen or want to ensure you understand the value behind onsite screenings, read on!

Drive awareness.

Onsite fingerstick screenings provide immediate results and have the advantage of driving change by maximizing the face-to-face teachable moment. Having real-time feedback lets employees learn what the screening values mean, ask questions, and receive actionable recommendations of next steps. For those with elevated values, having the personal touch of a staff who cares empowers people to take that next important step of scheduling a visit with their healthcare provider.

Monitor health status.

Onsite biometric screenings play a valuable role in helping employees monitor their health status. For those employees where regular “Well-Check” visits are few and far between, onsite screenings often catch elevated, even dangerously high, values. Mary Kruse, HealthSource Solutions President & CEO, recommends that companies set a baseline by screening two years in a row and then shift to every two years after that. However, if you are using values as part of an outcomes-based program, Kruse recommends screening every year.

Connect to a health care provider.

Although fingerstick screenings sometimes catch dangerously high values and send people directly to their health care provider, more frequently an onsite screening is catching elevated values and encouraging participants to take the next step. That next step is scheduling an appointment with their health care provider.

Regular visits with a health care provider start an important connection for conversations and actions related to other important preventive screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, dermatology, etc. It is so valuable to establish a primary care provider who can monitor all aspects of someone’s health. This is an ideal goal of offering onsite screenings – to build a bridge with a provider!

Gain population health data.

Far too often, companies don’t review or use the aggregate screening data. This data provides valuable insight into the current health status of your population and any trends based on year-over-year data. Using this snapshot of health data allows the opportunity to impact high cost/high-risk areas, provide targeted programming, and use objective data as part of your Wellness Program strategy. The value of this data should not be left on the table. Look for a screening company that provides a verbal overview of your aggregated data with suggestions for next steps.