Payoffs of Slow and Steady Progress

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Lighten Up!

Our Wellness Program Manager  who is onsite at a client's company, uses the analogy of a light switch to describe behavior change. You need to replace your on/off switch with a dimmer switch. Reaching your goals is a gradual process. Staying consistent is sliding the switch up, and your progress is the room slowly getting brighter and brighter!

She received this email recently from an employee and is so proud of this person for keeping up with their slow and steady progress. This is exactly how that can have big pay offs.

Wellness Program Management client

Thought I would share with you a bit of progress on my part.  Although I have been at it for about 2.5 years now, I finally reached the first of 3 milestones I set for myself.  I have now lost 50 pounds since I started addressing my weight.  I am actually pretty happy with myself! But even better than that, I recently had my annual physical and for the first time in decades, and my blood pressure was completely within the normal range! In addition, my A1C screening for diabetes was normal, no diabetes not even in the range of pre-diabetes.  My doctor was concerned in past years because my glucose level was slightly elevated. Even that reading was in the normal range this time.