Laugh For The Health Of It!

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laughing girl
laughing girl

Laughter is contagious! It draws people together and is great for your health. Laughing triggers physical and emotional changes in the body. This priceless medicine is fun, free and easy to use. Try out a few of these tips to bring more laughter into your life.

Just like laughter, smiling is contagious. Next time you look at someone practice smiling instead of looking down or away. Odds are they will smile back. The effects of a smile are tremendous and can block passing judgement onto others.

Bring on the laughs
Catch a comedian live, on television or on the radio. Watch a funny movie. Have a game night with friends. Watch funny YouTube videos. Think about what really makes you laugh and seek it out.

Befriend a funny person
Some people are just funny. Maybe they have a way with words or a wacky outlook on life. Either way, these people are a gem to find. Befriend them and you might find yourself laughing a bit more often.

Learn to laugh at yourself
Sometimes, taking yourself too seriously can limit the ability to find humor in difficult situations. Give yourself permission to let go and be silly. Humor is a great way to turn a negative into a positive.

Why not laugh more and often? Not only do you feel better after a good laugh, you are more likely to release anger and forgive sooner. When you laugh, you are releasing much more than noise. You are letting go of the negative energy and bringing in the positive.

there’s an app for that!

There are many free apps for you to download with daily jokes, memes and riddles. You can set the app to send you notifications throughout the day to laugh more and boost your mood. Apps on your phone are an excellent, on the go way of getting your daily giggles in!