Dodging Hibernation With Self Care

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Dermatology Consultants in Saint Paul, MN is led by Bill Kenney, CEO, who supports and encourages the Health and Wellbeing of his 150 employees. Bill attends the Wellbeing Committee meetings regularly throughout the year and aligns the company’s goals, vision, and mission with the Thrive Wellbeing Program. Dermatology Consultants' wellness mission is to “support an environment where employees can thrive and grow.” Each year they set several goals that align with this mission. One of their goals for 2021 was to enhance infrastructure to advance a culture of health that encompasses all areas of wellbeing (physical wellness, mental health, community involvement, financial wellbeing, and workplace engagement). Knowing that winter and a global pandemic were taking a toll on the mental and physical health of their employees, Mr. Kenney and the Wellness Committee decided to run a self-care program in February 2021.
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Staying Active Physically, Mentally, and Socially

Dodging Hibernation was one of Dermatology Consultants’ first company-wide programs of 2021. This program targeted two pillars of wellbeing (Physical wellness and mental health). During this four-week program, employees focused on staying active physically, mentally, and socially. They earned points for minutes of physical activity and for completing self-care activities each week.

 The fun and engaging Wellbeing Committee, comprised of employees from 5 locations within the Twin Cities, shared photos of themselves doing winter self-care and physical activities to encourage employees to register. 70 employees joined the program - nearly 50% of employees! And although the program was going on during the heart of a global pandemic, employees were reminded of the importance of self-care and reported improved sleep, increased energy, and reduced stress.

Kristin Larson, Wellness Program Manager at HealthSource Solutions, expressed great pride in the work that Dermatology Consultants has done in building their Thrive Wellness Program, stating “their program has grown so much in the last 2 years even despite the pandemic!”

Move for Your Mood

After exercise, the brain releases “feel-good” chemicals, which can help to reduce anxiety and depression while boosting wellbeing. A daily workout can benefit your physical and mental wellbeing almost immediately.

Refuel with Self-Care

Incorporating self-care activities into your day is important to help replenish your emotional and physical energy and bring you back into balance with the right kind of fuel. If you are down, they bring you joy, if you are stressed, they bring you calm, if you are tired, they give you drive.

Physical Activity

  • Try a new workout video or class at your gym or online.
  • Power-clean the house.
  • Find a new park or trail to explore.
  • Turn on some music and dance.
  • Enjoy playtime with your kids or pets.
  • Go sledding, skiing, or ice skating
  • Exercise during commercial breaks.
  • Hit the mall with your walking shoes.

Self-Care Activity

  • Relax in a bath, sauna, or hot tub.
  • Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water today.
  • Declutter a drawer, cupboard, vehicle, or closet.
  • Try a new hobby (woodworking, painting, pottery, etc.).
  • Call a friend or family member instead of texting.
  • Journal, write a gratitude list, send thank you cards.
  • Do a jigsaw or crossword puzzle or play Sudoku.

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