A 2021 Biometric Screening Success Story

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In February 2021, a time when most of the awareness about our physical health was still focused on recognizing COVID-19 symptoms, our client, a school district in Wisconsin, wanted to focus on preventive care. This school district has had some wellness events throughout different district buildings in the past and recently implemented a portal wellness program for all staff with support from HealthSource Solutions. Knowing many of their staff were not going to the doctor unless it was absolutely necessary, they were concerned that preventive screenings were being missed. Insurance costs have consistently increased over the years, so the district was motivated to assist its employees in prevention. That begins with employees' awareness of their personal biometrics. Plus, understanding the overall health and wellness needs of staff members would help guide their wellness initiatives. This is why they found onsite biometric screening to be an essential part of their portal wellness program launch.

Safe & Accessible

The school district offered two non-fasting screening events to staff during their in-service days. Combining a screening with a mandatory event increased participation as it allowed staff to be screened during working hours. By doing screenings in a cafeteria, stations could be set up farther apart allowing participants and screening staff to honor safe social distancing practices.

Knowledge & Understanding

Screening participants were informed of what each measurement was, if their values were ‘normal’ or ‘less than ideal’, and ways to maintain or improve their measurements. Although biometric screenings do not replace going to the doctor, this information is useful in identifying elevated risks, understanding next steps, and most importantly, increasing knowledge about helpful lifestyle changes. 

Participation & Rewards

The biometric screening coincided with the launch of the school district’s new wellness portal program providing good synergy for increased registration. In total, 132 employees and spouses completed the screenings and received valuable information about their total cholesterol, high-density lipoproteins, blood glucose, and blood pressure results. This constitutes 47% of the population eligible to complete the screening.

The school district incentivizes employees and spouses who proactively engage in their health by completing annual appointments -- physician, dentist, and eye doctor. Employees are also encouraged to participate in lifestyle challenges to earn points towards HSA contributions and prize drawings.


A satisfaction survey was offered to all participants immediately following the screening. 100% of those who completed it noted they would recommend the screening to others.

Here is some feedback from participants:

  • “Awesome staff – very approachable, knowledgeable, and kind! Great job!”
  • “Great, efficient experience.”
  • “Very expeditious. Info was explained very well. Data is really valuable.”
  • “Easy and accessible.”
  • “Great explanation of my numbers/readings. Very friendly. Very thorough.”


Following the screening, HealthSource Solutions provided an aggregate report to the school district. Within two weeks we met with district representatives and the district's insurance broker, to review the aggregate information highlighting what conditions the population is most at risk for, and how future programs and challenges can be targeted to support these risk areas. The broker commented on how valuable the information was, and how pleased they were at the promptness of delivering the presentation and data, and the recommendations on how to use this information.

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