Embrace Your Resiliency!

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healthsource solutions welcomes you to wellspace, a space to refresh your resiliency.

Cultivating a sense of resiliency is about keeping your personal tank full so you are able to adapt and manage the stressors life throws your way. The greatest sense of wellbeing will happen when you practice regularly. Explore the links, apps, and tools below as outlets and practices for when life gets challenging.

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Self-Reflection & Creativity


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Meditation & Breathing


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A girl does yoga in Astana on a green mat. Healthy lifestyle, asanas and meditation practices


Hands playing Wordle game on phone on NYTimes.com website. Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Josh Wardle. It's a very popular word game and is the hottest trend on Social Media.
Games & Activities


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Restful Sleep


Resiliency Handouts


self reflection & creativity

Enjoy some quiet creative time. Take a moment to reflect, write, color, or draw using these links or apps.
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Free journaling templates to help you jot down your thoughts.



Practice fine motor skills and develop creative thinking with an art break to color online or in printable templates.



Use online coloring activities, quizzes, and downloads.

meditation & breathing

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Take a few moments to close your eyes, breathe and relax with these guided meditations.
Young yoga woman meditation on the ocean beach at amazing sunset. Woman Yoga - relax in nature.


A simple guide to meditation exercises and resources.

Listening to music. A beautiful woman with headphones is relaxing on her desk. Close your eyes and meditate, meditate. She is listening to music using her smartphone, chill and relaxation concept.

Guided Meditation

5- to 20-minute guided meditation video sessions.


Guided Imagery

2- to 10-minute guided imagery video sessions.

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3- to 10-minute guided breathing video sessions.

live animal cameras & calming scenes

Indulge your eyes and mind with some visual relaxation.
A young giant panda bear sitting in a tree curiously looks at the camera while holding a bamboo stick.

Live Animal Cameras

Explore.org's live cam collection is nicknamed "Pearls of the Planet." The mission is to allow people to experience nature up close and personal so they can fall in love with the world.

Penguin is  swimming in the zoo

San Diego Zoo Animal Cameras

Whether it’s the graceful movements of a giraffe or the water play of penguins, observing wildlife can reduce stress. Check in on your favorite animal cams during your day for a bit of zoo zen.

clouds on blue sky

Relaxing Music & Calming Scenes

Music can be a powerful tool for relieving stress. Pair it with beautiful scenes of nature and you have both audio and visual relaxation resources at your fingertips.


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Use these sites to help you find some inner calm.
A girl does yoga in Astana on a green mat. Healthy lifestyle, asanas and meditation practices


A daily stretching routine can have physical and mental benefits for people of all ages.

Yoga online training workout by smartphone, using the fitness app at home in the gym. Online yoga and meditation practices. Place on the smartphone screen

Workout Apps

A collection of some of the best free workout apps.


YouTube Fitness

20 YouTube workout channels for every type of fitness.

Cheerful little cute girl smiling and thinking on the yoga mats, Happiness kid concept

For Kids

Get the whole family involved in movement breaks.

games & activities

Simple distractions can help you regain your focus and recuperate from the mental and physical exhaustion of the day. 

14 Days of Happiness

Explore a variety of activities to boost your happiness in this 2-week challenge.

Hands playing Wordle game on phone on NYTimes.com website. Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Josh Wardle. It's a very popular word game and is the hottest trend on Social Media.


Guess the 5-letter word in six tries.



Numbers 1 through 9 must be placed so that each row or column contains only one of each number.



Played with 52 cards that you stack in descending order, alternating color, starting with the King down to the Ace.


Family Activity Bingo

Get the whole family involved in an activity to get you moving.

restful sleep

About 60% of Americans report difficulty sleeping almost every night. Inadequate quality sleep can hinder the body’s ability to recover from stress. Drift into your dreams with these guided meditations and yoga videos for a better night’s sleep.
this young man asleep and enjoying the comfort of the bed

Guided Sleep Meditation

Guided meditation to ease you into sleep.


Sleep Meditation

Apps for Sleep Meditation.


Better Sleep Tips

Learn how to prepare for a better night's sleep.

resiliency handouts

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Resiliency Refill

Pay attention to where your mental health lies each day.


Resiliency Pyramid

The greatest sense of wellbeing will happen when you regularly practice Immediate Coping Skills, make time for Daily Support Activities, and develop Lifelong Foundations.

additional help

Every year in the United States, one in five adults experiences a mental illness. Despite a wide variety of resources available, 60% of those individuals will not receive counseling. If you or someone you know is in an emergency, call 911 immediately. Or use these resources:

  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
  • National Help Line 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
  • text NAMI to 741-741
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