Free 90-Day COVID-19 Portal Wellness Program

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With COVID-19 and the changes in work and home environments, your employees need your support to feel connected and engaged. Now more than ever, it is important to show your employees you care about their wellbeing — we are here to help you! By simply providing gentle nudges to remind people to do what they already want to do, you can greatly enhance their wellbeing making them more productive at home and work, and generally happier with life.

Our 90-day COVID-19 Portal Wellness Program is made simple for you and your employees.  The focus is on building positive habits. Each month the program gives employees 4 new habits to focus on that will enhance their emotional, social, physical, and occupational wellbeing. Employees can invite each other to join in on the challenges, and they can incorporate their families as well.  These activities allow for social interaction via message boards and opportunities for employees to upload pictures while working on building these positive habits. It’s a great way to support your employees during this difficult time.

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