2023 Midwest Health Promotion Conference Supports Community Wellbeing

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We had a wonderful time connecting at our 24th Midwest Health Promotion Conference to Recharge, Connect, and Grow together!

What better way to recharge, connect and grow than to convene with other professionals passionate about wellness! There is so much we learn from each other — our trials, tribulations, and successes — when it comes to staying abreast of the latest research and best practices in the field of worksite wellness/wellbeing.

When passionate people convene, good things happen! As a testament to our commitment to community well-being and building on the resounding success of our 2022 conference, we're once again teaming up with 'Good in the 'Hood for 2023!  'Good in the 'Hood is a nonprofit that extends aid to Minneapolis homeless and underprivileged populations.

The conference attendees, coupled with some friendly competition, teamed up to pack a staggering 2,500 bags of food in just 20 minutes! The 2,500 bags represented three months’ worth of food donations that directly support individuals experiencing food insecurity. This was a huge cushion for Good in the ‘Hood in servicing the needs of the community.

The joy of accomplishing something so meaningful was the highlight of the day — we can’t wait to repeat it this year!