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Healthier Living
Small Business Solution

Are you looking for a comprehensive, high-touch employee wellness program that’s affordable and built for small employee groups? We have a solution for groups from 5 to 300.

We Designed It

This 12-month program includes regular communication pieces, programs and events, environmental support and outreach activities, and concludes with a summary report.

The program components include:

  • Kickoff letter from CEO/President
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Four Behavior Change campaigns and materials
  • Medical self-care information
  • Cultural initiatives around movement and healthy eating
  • Year-end report

Year two and three programs available.

You Drive It

Choose an onsite coordinator or small wellness team to support the program throughout the 12 months.

Onsite coordinator role includes:

  • Participate in initial start-up and quarterly conference calls
  • Send out communication emails
  • Hang up posters
  • Distribute program materials
  • Be a great advocate and cheerleader

We Support You

Your HealthSource Solutions Coordinator will work with you to plan your annual calendar. We will keep things on track by providing your site coordinator the timelines, instructions and materials for each program.

Prices depend on group size. Please contact us for details.