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Holiday Blues


By: Christa Kannel, Account Manager

Although this holiday season is known for good times with family and friends, it can be quite the opposite for some people. The holiday season can bring back memories of family and friends that have passed away. It is difficult to cope with these holiday feelings and juggle the end-of-year workload. Below is my experience with grieving at work and some tips that could help you cope. 

Staying on Track at Holiday Parties


By: Bridget Carlson, Senior Fitness Specialist

The holidays are right around the corner, extra treats and parties will be thrown into our schedules. Celebrating with friends and family is important and taking your mind off of tracking every single bite and sip is needed once in a while. The trick is to keep our nutrition splurges to every once in a while and not create a regular habit of indulging. Here are some tips to consider both when you are hosting a party and when you are attending a party.

My Trip Back to Fit

By: Anna Langston, Program Manager 

Welcome to a whole new you. A rounder, softer, less fit version of you. That’s how I felt after the birth of my second child in December 2015. A few small complications led to exercise restrictions for several months during my pregnancy. My active lifestyle as well as my body had gone through major adjustments over the past 39 weeks. This was quite a change from my first pregnancy; I gained less weight overall and lost it easily, and I exercised until I delivered. 

Love at First Bite

By: Stephanie Bates, Sr. Fitness Specialist – Jacksonville Medtronic
 My love for chocolate runs deep… but my love for DARK chocolate runs even deeper. Just the thought or taste of ANY chocolate product will put a smile on my face. You may have heard that chocolate can be good for you. It’s true, but not all chocolates are created equal…even the “good for your heart” dark chocolates may not be the best choice. Learn how to identify the ‘good’ from the ‘not so good’.

Being a Working and Nursing Mother

By: Lindsay Herzog, Fitness Center Program Manager

I give credit to all those working mothers who continue to breastfeed their little ones. Talk about time management. I am lucky enough to work in an environment that not only supports this in the workplace but offers lactation rooms and other resources for its employees. In the state of Minnesota it is required that employers not only provide reasonable unpaid break time for a mother to express milk for their infant but also a private room that is not a bathroom stall to do so. Your state may have a different law so I would recommend looking into this or contacting your Human Resource Department with any questions.

Yoga - Not Just for Yogis

By: Julie Broberg

I am very new to yoga.  I had taken a few classes in the past and didn’t really like it.  Not sure why I didn’t like it, but decided at the time that it wasn’t for me.

Recently I was asked to start teaching a yoga class at work.  I have taught other classes in the past, so I thought why not.  I didn’t expect that just by teaching a few classes and being mentored by fellow coworkers, that I would enjoy it as much as I do. I have to say I look forward to it every week!

Why Screen at Work?

By: Julie Broberg, Program Coordinator/Health Coach

As companies continue to see worksite wellness as an important component of their overall business strategy, biometric health screenings are on the rise. During a biometric screening, measurements such as blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and glucose are taken. Biometric screenings combined with a review of personal results with a health educator or coach can enhance an individual’s knowledge of their health status.

Over the years I have witnessed the impact and the teachable moments that biometric screenings can provide to employees. I have talked to many individuals who learned something new about their health by going through a biometric screening at work. The results prompted them to take positive steps to make changes.

Screenings also provide invaluable data and insights that allow employers to implement intervention and incentive strategies to improve employee wellness, health and productivity.

Here are just a few comments I collected from screening participants over the last year:

“I was surprised by how much this screening helped me want to take steps toward improving my health.”

“I really appreciated that this process was so informative and that I was given suggestions to improve my health. I am looking forward to implementing these suggestions.”

“Last year during the health screening my high blood sugar was discovered. I am now taking steps to keep my glucose numbers in control.”

As a health coach, my goal is to continue to help individuals make the connection between their health behaviors and health outcomes. A simple health screening event is a great place to start this conversation.

HealthSource Solutions receives Hennepin County’s Wellness by Design Silver Award

HealthSource Solutions was a recent recipient of a 2012 Wellness by Design Silver Award for their work in promoting worksite wellness. The awards ceremony was held at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center on June 21st. A total of 78 organizations were honored.

HealthSource Solutions’ wellness committee, Heart & Soul, sponsored many events and programs during the year which were fundamental in achieving the silver award. Some of the programs include:
• Corporate Challenge physical activity program
• Healthy Employee BBQ
• Train for the Trail physical activity program
• Health assessment and screening
• Volunteering at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Other requirements needed to be eligible for the award include senior leadership support, a wellness infrastructure, a communication plan and a work environment that is supportive of healthy behaviors.

HealthSource Solutions is proud of the work it has done to support their employee’s health and well-being. We also applaud all other award recipients for the wonderful job they are doing in promoting health at their worksites. For a list of all award recipients click here.