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By Angela Olson, Fitness Specialist 

Children are influenced by the world around them, but your actions and attitudes as a parent can have the strongest influence. By making healthy choices, you can help set your child up for success throughout their whole life. Here are five ways you can positively influence your child’s health and overall wellness as they get older:

Chakras and Chi

By: Emily Boettcher, Fitness Specialist

Have you ever stepped into a Yoga class with your mind still reeling through your to-do list? You settle in on your mat, but just can’t manage to focus your energy and “clear” your mind to set your intention. Or maybe you come into class feeling sluggish and just want to relax in child’s or corpse pose the whole time?

Keep It Simple

By: Amanda Patterson, Program Manager

How many times have you started a resolution and get extremely excited because “this is your year to finally commit,” Sound familiar? Often, people start with great intentions but there is a disconnection between the goal and the action items along the way.

Freezing Cold Fun!

 By Drew King

How do you do it? I just can't stay motivated.

By: Stephanie Laboe, Fitness Specialist 

We’ve all heard it and probably said it before, “I’m just not motivated today”. If you find yourself saying this more often than not, these tips should help you break free from the ebb and flow of motivation.

Three Steps to Discovering the Exercise Routine That's Right for You


By: Jerrod Tarman, Senior Fitness Specialist 

Finding exercises that keep you engaged and fit your schedule is key when it comes to sticking with your workout plan.

Chances are you know someone who is a “no pain, no-gain,” “blood, sweat, and tears,” and “leave it all at the gym” type of fitness enthusiast. Maybe you are that person. And maybe you’re not. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is knowing what kind of workouts you do like. Having an exercise plan that incorporates your abilities, schedule and interests will not only make you more likely to work out, but will also make exercising more enjoyable.

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays

By: Jenna Andrews, Administrative Coordinator

Let’s face it—the holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect tree, looking for a gift for your family member that has everything, or hosting a holiday party, it can be hard to find time for your own personal wellbeing. Here are some tips to do just that this holiday season:

You Are Worth More Than a Number

By: Molly James, Fitness Specialist/Program Coordinator 

Why does an extra 5 pounds on the scale determine your self-worth? How are we expected to love ourselves when there are so many numbers out there that are telling us that we shouldn’t? 

Getting Back in the Saddle After an Injury

By: Chris Follett, Program Manager

Earlier this year, we had a walking challenge at work:10K steps or more per day. I took that very seriously…I got up early and walked, I walked at lunch and I walked after work. I was feeling great! That motivated meto examine my diet and removed all processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. I felt fabulous. I lost 5 lbs. I increased the amount I was biking (for a recreational biker I made it a stretch goal to do 100 miles in July…I. WAS. DOING. IT!

Exercising with MS

By: Lindsey Ulrich, Fitness Specialist  

Extreme fatigue, chronic pain, major visual changes, cognitive and memory disruptions; any combination of these symptoms (but not limited to just these symptoms) can be part of everyday life for someone living with multiple sclerosis.