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We Are A Sourcewell Awarded Vendor!

HealthSource Solutions has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract by Sourcewell, allowing Sourcewell members to buy from an established contract without going through a separate bid process.


Minneapolis Saint Paul, Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)




...our greatest accomplishment is our employee engagement.

- Amy P., MAC

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We help Sourcewell members simplify the procurement process.

If you’re already a member of Sourcewell, contact HealthSource Solutions to discuss how you can leverage Sourcewell to satisfy the bid process for employee health and wellness solutions.

Wellness Engagement Program
Maturity Date: 07/08/2026
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Use Sourcewell to help simplify your bidding process for population health and related services, including employee health, wellbeing, and employee engagement solutions. As a Sourcewell member, you can take advantage of HealthSource Solutions for employee health and wellness solutions to satisfy your Government, Education, or Non-Profit RFP and bidding requirements, at no cost to you.

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