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We offer onsite temperature and symptom screening for all employees and visitors

Onsite COVID-19 Temperature and Symptom Screening

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All HealthSource Solutions Screening Staff will have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes masks, face shield and gloves.

As many companies prepare to bring employees back to work, we want to help mitigate risks and ensure a safe workplace.HealthSource Solutions' Return-to-Work Screening provides frontline support to monitor employees' daily health status. Contact us today for a no obligation quote by filling out our  Screening Interest Form.

  • Protocols for implementing an onsite symptom screening
  • Infrared no-touch thermometers
  • Individual Symptom Review
  • HealthSource Solutions Screening Staff.
    All staff will have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes masks, face shield and gloves.
  • Sanitation process
  • Physical space to do the testing that allows for social distancing
  • Protocols if someone must be sent home
  • Clear, written return-to-work policy

Complete an interest form online. Click here.

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You will need to know:
• Anticipated start date
• Days you will need screenings
• Coverage start and end times

You may also call us at 763-287-0740. If there is no answer, please leave a message and we will promptly return your call.

Most screenings will require only one staff person. There is a minimum of 2 hours per staff per shift, and 10 hours per week. Shifts between 6:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. will be assessed a shift differential fee of $10 per hour per staff. Scheduling is based upon equipment availability.

Your Cost

$75 per staff per hour
  • Infrared thermometers for no-touch screening
  • Protocols for implementing an onsite symptom screening
  • Individual Symptom Review
  • HealthSource Solutions Screening Staff with PPE: masks, face shield, gloves

COVID-19 Digital Risk Monitoring Application

This mobile app requires employees to track their symptoms virtually to receive authorization to report to work.


How the App Works:

  • Employees log temperature and symptoms into the mobile app.
  • Employee receives notification within app noting work authorization following each symptom check-in. This is delivered in real-time, as symptoms are input by the employee so that they use this notification to enter the workplace.
  • Employees with symptoms are referred to their physician or nurse to review.
  • Employer has access to a dashboard showing trending information by worksite (total employees, employees with symptoms not authorized, employees authorized, so that the employer can track worksite trends over time).
  • Employer receives a weekly report noting employees currently not authorized based on symptoms.
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Return-to-Work Resources

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