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Health Coaching

HealthSource Solutions offers health coaching for small- to mid-sized companies interested in offering this approach to their employee wellness programming. There are no minimum requirements. We use a participant-centered approach to help individuals identify health goals and encourage healthy behaviors by focusing on their desire to change. Our health coaches are:

  • Professional – all information shared is confidential
  • Compassionate – the health coach understands the challenge of making changes and helps participants set their own goals
  • Knowledgeable – our health coaches have experience not only in a health field, but also in motivational interviewing, a technique used in behavior change


Why offer health coaching?

Lifestyle habits are difficult to break and many people need this direct approach to help them be successful in changing behaviors. A health coach can provide support and develop strategies to help individuals increase physical activity, make better food choices, quit tobacco, create work life balance and more. Companies who offer workplace wellness programs notice increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and healthier employees. 


Available health coaching packages:


Activate health coaching

The foundation of our health coaching is based on concepts of motivational interviewing, using the premise that participants are their own best expert in how to change their lifestyle. Activate helps participants build an individualized program that creates and supports positive lifestyle behavior changes. 

Elements of our health coaching include:

  • Activate participant guidebook
  • 5-6 calls with their Activate coach (program generally runs 5-6 months in length)
  • Goal setting discussions
  • Educational materials and resources on lifestyle topics
  • Referrals to company resources if applicable (EAP, Nurse line, Disease Management, etc)

Key advantages of Activate health coaching:

  • Personalized attention. Clients participate in a series of individual consults with their health coach. Each client works with the same health coach for the duration of the program, which fosters support and promotes change in a manner specific to the individual's needs.
  • Client-directed. We help clients improve and take responsibility for their health using a directive, client-centered approach for eliciting behavior. Using the premise that clients are their own best expert in how to change their lifestyle, our health coaches use key techniques proven to effectively facilitate behavior change.
  • Evidenced-based guidelines. Evidenced-based guidelines are used to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent health information to all coaching clients.
  • Professional. All Activate health coaches are degreed health professionals with behavior change training and on-going education.
  • Tailored health information and referrals. Health coaches have a wide variety of health information and resources available to them to tailor education to each client. If it is determined a client has health concerns beyond the scope of health coaching, they are referred to the appropriate health professional or available resources.

This program allows the participant to connect with their health coach over time and discuss their health challenge confidentially.  The focus is to listen and learn what is important to each individual and then set achievable health goals for success.


One call coaching

After a health screening or health assessment, participants will receive a summary report of their health information. This can include both biometric data and information about health behaviors. A one-time coaching call after the event can help individuals better understand their results and know what to do next. The coaching session is about 30 minutes by phone at a time that is convenient to the individual. The participant can:

  • review all results with the health coach
  • learn how health behaviors affect health numbers
  • ask questions about health information
  • set priorities for health goals
  • determine a plan of action
  • refer to a primary care physician (if necessary)

Screening with health coaching

For a more comprehensive screening experience, participants have the opportunity to talk to a health coach about their results in-depth right after their screening appointment. This is a “teachable moment” and can help the participant prioritize next steps. Coaching sessions are about 15 minutes in addition to the health screening. The participant can:

  • discuss their results with the health coach
  • learn about target ranges
  • determine behavior-change priorities  
  • begin a plan of action

If any of the biometric numbers are outside the normal range, the coach will encourage a follow-up with their primary care physician and discuss lifestyle strategies for changing the numbers. If there are corporate wellness programs offered, the health coach can encourage participation.

For more information about our coaching programs, please contact us.