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Surviving to Thriving: Re-energizing Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a dynamic process and evergreen in nature. There is no “down-time” or “check the box” when supporting employee wellbeing. Supporting the “whole” person in their health journey requires innovation, empathy, and simplicity. What solutions have made an impact at your organization to enrich employee wellbeing?

call for presentations

The Midwest Health Promotion Conference Committee is accepting presentation proposals for the 23rd annual Midwest Health Promotion Conference on October 12, 2022. We are searching for the “best of the best” presenters to engage attendees in breakout session presentations and conversations around employee health and wellbeing. Presenting at the Midwest Health Promotion Conference provides an opportunity to share your wellness knowledge, experiences, and ideas, as well as build your professional network.

general information

Speakers and Sessions

Sessions are 55 minutes long, with select sessions being repeated. Speakers are expected to be in attendance the entire day to network with attendees.


Presentation Applications Due

All proposals are due by May 20, 2022. Please see Presentation Requirements below. Sessions must be educational in nature with no undertone to sell products or services.

Selections Announced

All presentation proposal selections will be announced by June 20, 2022. Ten to fifteen speakers will be chosen.

Presentation Materials

Submit final PowerPoint presentation or other materials by September 30, 2022 for our online syllabus.

selection considerations


Proposals will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Alignment with the six categories below
  • Application to the workplace
  • Innovation or trending topics/ideas
  • Topic relevance to a wide range of attendees
  • Richness of content
  • Evidence or experience that it works
  • Speaker experience and expertise
session ideas

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Building a culture that supports individuality, purpose, and resiliency

  • Building a culture of mental resiliency
  • Pathways to positivity
  • Weaving the impact of the social determinants and health equity into mental wellbeing initiatives
  • Supporting remote workers: addressing changes and the new behaviors needed
  • Family support –
  • how are families managing all this change?
  • acknowledging the changing needs of children’s mental health and how to support it
  • Caregiver support – managing it all (parents, grandparents, children, school, home, outside activities)
  • Working from home – nourishing physical and mental wellbeing
  • Knowing that it’s ok, not be ok, and how to have those conversations with your employees/colleagues
  • Emotional intelligence

The Employee Experience

Changing the conversation to build a high-performing culture.

  • People strategies: finding meaning and purpose in what we do
  • Empathy training and its importance in managing a changing workforce
  • Changing the conversation – unconscious bias, DEI, recognition
  • Engaging senior leaders, managers and frontline supervisors to “walk the talk”
  • Talking with leaders about the importance of wellness and providing tools they can use to support their team
  • Crucial conversations – how to structure a supportive conversation (for leaders)
  • Blended teams – supporting teams within a variety of scenarios (all in-person, hybrid, all remote) and how do you keep everyone engaged and connected

Program Infrastructure

Moving from flavor of the month to programs with depth and breadth

  • Emerging trends in workplace wellbeing
  • Evolution of wellness through the years – grasping the everchanging scope of wellness
  • How having a strategy, plan, and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) will maximize outcomes
  • Demonstrating cross-functional support and the power of outcomes through collaboration
    • Inter-department collaboration – weaving together like-minded strategies (HR, safety, DEI, benefits, ERG’s)
  • How do wellness programs collaborate with employee resource groups to align values and programs?

Marketing & Communications

Creating a multi-faceted approach to keeping the message “alive and visible.”

  • How can people not know about this?! Making sure your marketing is reaching everyone.
  • Marketing strategies to reach ALL demographics
  • Steps to take in creating a powerful communication strategy

Personal Growth & Enrichment

Taking care of YOU!

  • Burnout and languishing as a wellness professional
  • Personal self-care — the power of the mind/positivity
  • How to build a sense of belonging/connection
  • Understanding your power and purpose
  • Changing habits in a hybrid world – back to basics
  • Building / sustaining your energy throughout the day

Metrics & Outcomes

Measuring success with outcomes meaningful to your organization.

  • Looking at metrics in new ways
  • Realtime data/ human-centered metrics/ soft metrics

Submissions must be received by May 20, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the Conference Coordinator at (763) 287-0740 or

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