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By: Courtney Umland, Program Coordinator 

It’s not too late- there is still plenty of time to create a summer bucket list! Each year, Summer seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. By creating a bucket list, you can guarantee that when Fall comes around you made it the best summer yet. Here are a few ideas to get you started today:

1. Run or walk in a 5K/10K. There are various of local events in an area near you to choose from. Get a group together, dress up and make a day out of it! Whether you decide to walk or run, it is a terrific way to be active!

2. Try a new, healthy recipe. With the summer comes barbeques with friends and family. Many of these events have unhealthy foods, so take the opportunity to find a new, healthy summer recipe. This may include a fruit dessert or vegetables on the grill. The options are endless!

3. Water activities. Renting a paddleboard, paddleboat or kayak is a great way to be active while also exploring the outdoors These activities offer a wide range of health benefits, from cardiovascular fitness to core strength to balance. They can be done at any age and at various intensity levels.

4. Plan a summer vacation. Everyone deserves a vacation! Whether it be a long weekend to a nearby spot or a week trip in across the country. A vacation allows you to relax and enjoy time either by yourself or with family and friends. Visit a place you have never been or try a new activity to keep it fresh! 

5. Develop a new hobby. A hobby is an activity done for leisure or joy and is helps with relaxation. A hobby may be an activity creating something like gardening, dancing or drawing. Or it may be something more active such as yoga, golf or rollerblading. No matter what your new hobby is, set aside time to enjoy it!

Write down your bucket list and place is somewhere visible, like the refrigerator or on your desk. Placing it somewhere visible will keep it on your mind. Maybe even share it with coworkers, friends or family. Make your list realistic and add dates when you wish to have it complete. This will help keep you accountable. Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate when your accomplishments!