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By: Emily Boettcher, Fitness Specialist

Have you ever stepped into a Yoga class with your mind still reeling through your to-do list? You settle in on your mat, but just can’t manage to focus your energy and “clear” your mind to set your intention. Or maybe you come into class feeling sluggish and just want to relax in child’s or corpse pose the whole time?

This flow of energy through our body is ever-changing and some believe it is the work of the chakras. According to this belief, there are seven chakras throughout the body they channel energy similar to how locks and dams work. The word chakra means ‘wheel’ these turn and draw chi (energy) through the body. You could equate fast spinning wheels to that to-do list that’s buzzing in your brain or a sluggish wheel to that of your depleted vitality at the end of the day.

Whichever scenario fits you best; there are ways to help re-balance your chi, try any of the following in your next Yoga or meditation practice!

Feeling Over-active?

  • Before entering the room, take several deep, cleansing breaths:
    • Each exhale removes a worry or a thought from your mind.
    • These thoughts collect in an imaginary box or basket that you can pick up and take with you after you complete your practice. 
  • Start your practice seated or lying down, slowly building up into standing positions.
  • Keep your hands together in prayer position rather than reaching them outwards.
  • Focus on the contraction phase of each posture to pacify your energy.

Feeling Lethargic?

  • Before entering the room, take several deep, energizing breaths.
    • Each inhale draws in a positive affirmation. 
    • Take a moment to think about what you hope to gain from your practice and get excited about it.
  • Begin your practice standing, moving the body fluidly to get the heart pumping.
  • Reach your palms away from the body or lift them to the sky with your inhale to draw in energy.
  • Incorporate more extension of the arms, legs and spine as well as chest openers to stimulate the senses.

Remember that it’s okay to have imbalances, you are practicing Yoga or meditation to help improve your well-being and that is a great step. Your flow of energy changes daily so don’t pass judgment on yourself, just take a breath. Think about the good you intend to do for your body and mind through your practice and ENJOY IT!