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At HealthSource Solutions, we enrich employee wellbeing with our high-touch, customizable solutions.


Organizations spending more time building the infrastructure of their wellness program.

Our Wellness Program Managers partner with you to develop a well-planned, highly executable wellness program.

A partner for accountability.

Utilizing our Worksite Wellbeing Model, Our Wellness Program Managers bring focus and sustainability, consistent results, and an impactful wellness culture that will boost your employees to more productivity than ever before.

Someone who can take on the workload and drive the program year-round.

Both our Wellness Program Management and our Wellness Portal Solutions follow our hands-on approach where we Guide, Build, and Drive your program year-round.

HealthSource Solutions' clients who have implemented our Wellness Program Management Solution have had great success increasing engagement and visibility in their Wellbeing programs. We guide clients in building an impactful wellbeing strategy AND… we provide the hands-on support to make it happen!


HealthSource Solutions' clients who utilize our Portal + WPM Solution increased portal engagement by approximately 40%!

With our  Portal + WPM approach, we:

Guide companies with the structure of their program

Build out their wellness portal to their liking and mirror their goals

Drive the program behind the scenes by taking on the busy work of continuous communications and rolling out challenges.

Clients who utilize both our Wellness Program Management and our Portal increased portal engagement by approximately 40%!


Amy P., with MAC shares how having an Onsite Wellness Staff before launching their company wellness portal,
was integral in driving their 85% portal wellness program engagement in year one.

One-size does not fit ALL!

We have many solutions to meet the needs of your company and program. Let us help customize a solution that is right for you!

free resources

FREE Wellbeing In Action Newsletter

This 4-issue wellbeing newsletter offers resources, reminders, and activities for a successful transition in your work environment.
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FREE Five A Day Challenge

The Five A Day Challenge encourages employees to meet the national guidelines for fruits and vegetable servings. Each day of this two-week challenge, participants strive for five servings of fruits and vegetables. Included in this free program: announcement flyer, registration flyer, and fillable tracker.
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14 Days of Happiness: Free Program

Activities that bring us joy, satisfaction, and laughter contribute to our happiness by counteracting stress and cultivating positive emotions. Over the next 14 days, you will explore a variety of activities to boost your happiness!
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virtual race bib

8 Steps to a Successful Virtual Race

A virtual race is a fun way to engage your employees in a group fitness event when you have staff in a variety of locations, and when you are practicing social distancing. Follow these steps to set up a virtual race at your organization.
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work station ergonomics

Healthy Workstation Ergonomics

Whether you are working at the office or at home, workstation ergonomics are important. If you are slouching, leaning to one side, looking down or crossing your legs, take steps to adjust your body and environment to return to correct posture. Learn more here:
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Family Game Time

Family Activity BINGO

HealthSource Solutions  |  resources Keep Your Family Active…with BINGO!     Download and print your free BINGO cards. Complete a BINGO using a dauber, crayon, or marker – it can be straight across, up and down, or diagonal. Most squares list an activity and some squares are empty for your […]
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FREE Wellbeing In Action Newsletter!

Wellbeing in Action is a colorful 1-page newsletter offering your employees resources, reminders, and activities for a successful transition in your work environment.