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Onsite Health Promotion Staffing

Add depth, experience and proven outcomes to your health initiatives by having a dedicated staff to help with implementation and sustainability of your wellness program. A strategic wellness plan will improve employee wellness and health while helping manage your return on health and productivity. Maximize your results by providing a staff dedicated to supporting and achieving the goals of your employee wellness program. Our staff will provide the development, implementation and support every step of the way. We will work with you to maximize your investment by providing a service that raises health awareness, fosters employee engagement and supports a culture of health.

An on-site staff will support:

  • Strategic planning and program design
  • Annual wellness program planning and calendar development
  • Ongoing wellness program guidance, promotion and implementation
  • Data collection, evaluation and reporting
  • Corporate wellness committee formation and meeting oversight
  • Integration of health plan resources

Your HealthSource Solutions staff is your partner in developing an employee wellness program that integrates best-practice principles and existing company resources for the most economical and effective approach to improving worksite wellness.
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